Up Close and Personal with Your Local Businesses

Up Close and Personal with Your Local Businesses

Featuring Sheri Martin Soosaar from Creative Therapy Health Services

Dear Readers,

I would like for you to get to know each of the amazing local businesses that are currently involved with the Healthy Waterloo Region. Whether they provide an important service or whether they aim to inspire, uplift and motivate, they have a common goal - your wellbeing. Wouldn’t you like to know why they chose their current career paths? These talented and compassionate people are more than just a business. They have a story. Here's an "up close and personal" look at Sheri Martin Soosaar from Creative Therapy Health Services.

Creative Therapy Health Services - Sheri Martin Soosaar, Owner

I grew up in the country outside of St. Jacobs, went to high school in Elmira and then studied Chemistry at University of Waterloo. The great thing about co-op is that it gives you the opportunity to see what you don’t want to do. Although I loved the problem solving that Chemistry offered, I did not see myself working in that industry so I applied to Occupational Therapy (OT) at University of Toronto.

I have not looked back since. I loved the program and have truly enjoyed my work as an OT.

Up Close and Personal with Your Local Businesses

Sheri Martin Soosaar, owner of Creative Therapy Health Services

Seven years ago I opened a private OT clinic that has a gym, fine motor room and kitchen. It is in a bright and inviting space. I work with people that have been catastrophically injured in car accidents typically with serious brain injuries, I also work with persons with post-concussion syndrome. I have a pediatric component to my clinic as well where I work with children with special needs including brain injury, autism and ADHD. I have three terrific OT’s that work for me and an OT assistant.

I am passionate about my work and enjoy the challenges that are posed on a daily basis.

On a personal note, I am celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary, and have three young adult children. (2 in university and one that has since graduated). My family is important and always comes first. They are an integral part of my clinic. My oldest helps as an assistant, my middle daughter helps as an assistant and with my web and social media presence. My son also help with my web design, social media presence and helped to develop the mine craft camp that I ran. My husband is my tech support person, bookkeeper and biggest cheer leader. Even my parents are a part of the clinic and help to decorate and garden. I love that my family is a part of my business!! I also bring my dog and kitten to work if my clients are in need of pet therapy.

Up Close and Personal with Your Local Businesses

Sheri and her family

I have been practicing yoga for over ten years and I am in the process of completing yoga teacher training. I have developed a yoga class designed for persons with post-concussion syndrome. I have been able to take my love for yoga and meld it with my love of OT to come up with a unique way to help persons with post-concussion syndrome. This class is also very helpful for persons with chronic pain, fibromyalgia or anxiety.

Up Close and Personal with Your Local Businesses

Sheri and her beloved pet

I also enjoy the outdoors. Last summer, my husband and I built a pond in our backyard and have transformed our backyard into a cottage-like setting. We love to spend time canoeing, camping, hiking and cottaging with friends and family. We just came back from a three day sea kayaking expedition off Vancouver Island where we were able to see Orca’s and kayak with dolphins. An unforgettable trip!!

I must add that I love living in Waterloo, living in the downtown core allows me to walk to work, grocery stores, and restaurants. It is such a dynamic community and I am grateful to be a part of it!!