Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Featuring Dave Fleischer, advisor with Investors Group and Good Samaritan.

Born and raised in KW, Dave travelled west for that notorious year off after school was done. When he returned it was 15 years later, he had a wife and 2 boys and was returning because of a promotion.

Dave has worked for more than 20 years in the financial services industry. Since joining Investors Group in May 2010 he continues to offer families and businesses simple and realistic plans to assist in making sound financial decisions to build, protect and preserve their wealth. Dave brings a wealth of life experiences to pass on to young families as they begin their journey, and new ideas to those with experience.

An avid traveller and outdoor enthusiast. Dave’s drive is to help his clients to spend their money on experiences not on things. His motto is:

Protecting your future finances from the you of today.

Dave has always been actively involved in his community. Currently he is involved with: KW Civitan Club. Treasurer and Co President Elect www.kwcivitan.ca - Waterloo Region Track 3 Ski School. Fundraising Committee waterlootrack3.com - Alpine Ski Racing Coach at Chicopee Ski and Summer Resort www.canskicoach.org.

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Dave Fleischer with his sons.

In Dave’s free time you will often see him out skiing or fly fishing with his family or friends, and if you ever asked him he’d be happy to bring you along.

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Dave Fleischer, Advisor with Investors Group

For more information please visit: http://www.investorsgroup.com/en/dave.fleischer/home