Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

I would like for you to get to know each of the amazing local businesses that are currently involved with the Healthy Waterloo Region.

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In the next few posts, I would like for you to get to know each of the amazing local businesses that are currently involved with the Healthy Waterloo Region. Whether they provide an important service or whether they aim to inspire, uplift and motivate, they have a common goal -your wellbeing. Wouldn’t you like to know why they chose their current career paths? These talented and compassionate people are more than just a business. They have a story. Below is another in a series of biographies on each of these businesses. I’m a huge advocate for supporting our local businesses. Will you join me in supporting them too?

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LEE PRYKE - I AM I CAN-May 24, 2016

Originally from Sarnia, ON, I graduated from the University of Waterloo with a Masters in Psychology and Social Sciences.

I worked in the corporate world for many years and finally realized I was better in business for myself. Since my early 30's when I was searching for my own soul, I realized that my lessons and experiences may help others on their journey. Most of my life I was in survivor mode and the lows taught me to rise above and become a thriver.

I then created my business I Am I Can which came from a personal crisis teaching me that life is about choices. It is not about all the 'stuff' that shows up but how we react and the choices we make to keep us moving forward.

Over the years I have lived and volunteered in many places, started a Rape Crisis Centre in Windsor, hosted a radio show on crisis intervention, been on the Board of Directors for a charity, and continue to give back both locally and globally. I understand the power of networking and have over the years established and been a part of some great groups, meeting wonderful people. I host a bi-weekly group on the Law of Attraction. As a newly discovered artist, I love to show others that a creative genius lives inside all of us when we let go of fear. I host workshops periodically for drawing, doodling, and adult colouring.

I have a big thirst for learning and research which has lead me to great teachers and mentors. It is a never-ending journey. When misdiagnosed by the medical field I went on a quest for alternative methods of healing and became certified as a Reiki Master Teacher and Shambala Master Teacher. This opened a new path in energy which continues to this day. I am certified as an Elemental Space Clearing Practitioner and incorporate my training in Psychology with my clients.

I love writing and discovered from an early age that my words had impact. I am a published author and speaker. There is always the next book in my head and hopefully over the next year I can take some time to get the words onto paper once again.