The Top 8 Wellness Trends for 2018

The Top 8 Wellness Trends for 2018

If you were wondering what the health trends might be for 2018, look no further. Here they are!

We’ve boiled down Pinterest’s top 100 trends report and here are some wellness ideas to help you kick-start the year in the best way possible.

1-Try Tai Chi – This ancient Chinese form of martial arts is seeing an upsurge. Many describe it as meditation in motion which helps to improve flexibility, strength and balance while reducing stress.

tai chi, martial arts

2-Keeping the home air environment clean – As people become more health-conscious by watching their diet and exercising, they are also looking for ways to help purify the air they breathe. Try adding plants such as Aloe Vera, Boston Fern, Mass Cane and the Snake Plant.

air purifying plants

3-The vitamin for brighter skin – Experts say vitamin C can protect the skin from free radicals as well as promote collagen production. Try searching for a vitamin C serum. You won’t be the only one as searches for the term ‘vitamin C serum’ increased by 3379%!!

4-Edible essential oils – Would you believe that one of the top searches is for ‘essential oil food recipes’? There are so many health benefits for the use of essential oils and now people are discovering they can be used for cooking. Just be sure to use oils that are labelled ‘food grade’.

5-Strength training – Although this won’t come as a surprise to any bodybuilder out there, there is a new trend in exercise towards strength training. It not only helps to build muscle, but it also improves balance, keeps the bones healthy and even helps to burn fat.

strength training, benefits

6-Digestive health – Having a well-functioning digestive tract is critical to overall health. One of the biggest wellness trends is in finding ways to add the ‘good bugs’ to the bowel flora. One of the highest searches is in the best probiotic foods for your gut.

7-Self-care staycations – Well, it’s about time! People are becoming more aware for the need of carving out some ‘me time’. It’s a wonderful way of re-energizing the body and mind thus improving productivity in all areas of life.

8-Clean beauty products – While the trend to read food labels has increased, so has the trend to read beauty product labels. There is an increased demand for non-toxic ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. Considering 48% of consumers look for products with ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ ingredients, expect to see more cosmetic companies hopping on the green beauty products bandwagon.

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