Seeking "The Spirit of Thetis"

Seeking "The Spirit of Thetis"

Mental health is not often openly discussed. How do you seek your solace? Perhaps you can gain inspiration from the poem below.

March 26, 2016

Several weeks ago you may have seen numerous Tweets and posts in social media to help bring awareness surrounding the issues of mental health. It’s an issue that unfortunately affects many on a daily basis and yet, so many of us are afraid to talk about it. Perhaps you are one of them?

Today, I’d especially like to address depression. For many, the mind becomes a prison where there seems to be no escaping the fiery flames of hell. For others, it’s a state that periodically takes hold depending on the circumstances of life. Whether you’re experiencing the depths of despair or whether you feel somewhat lost with no set purpose to your life, I’d be interested to know how you choose to bring yourself out from that abyss. What do you do that helps make you feel better about yourself, about life? Do you journal your thoughts? Do you go for a walk as a time-out from life? Do you become absorbed in a hobby that takes your mind off your woes for a brief period? Do you sit with your child and find gratitude for what you have?

The following is a beautiful poem written by my very talented cousin, Dann. It speaks of reconnecting with nature to find your serenity, your calm, your peace of mind. Whether it’s a walk through the park or camping along a river’s edge, turning to nature often helps us ground and find that balance. My hope for all of you reading this is that this poem speaks to you individually and that it helps to spark that flame that still simmers deep within your soul. May you find, “The Spirit of Thetis”.

With Love,


P.S. I’m including a pic of my cousin, the poet!

By: Dann G.J. Denis

"The Spirit of Thetis"

The forest around me grew quiet,

as it does at this time every day.

When the line between daylight and darkness,

brings a comforting feeling my way.

Tonight the wind has been silenced,

and the tops of the trees stand strong.

As if they were trying to tell me,

"Stay, this is where you belong."

Engulfed with a deep sense of wonder,

I stood somewhere in between;

The awe of the beauty of nature,

and an essence I've never seen.

As the last ray of light was extinguished,

and darkness spread cross the ground.

I opened my mind and discovered,

a presence of peace could be found.

The Spirit of Thetis had awoken,

to reign 'til dawns early light.

Its realm, this island I live on.

Its purpose, to set all things right.

The wildlife that live in the forest,

know they have nothing to fear.

For they have already witnessed,

what occurs when Thetis is here.

The Spirit was both kind and gentle,

as it welcomed me to this land.

The lessons it offered were wholesome,

and were easy to understand.

In weakness or strength it accepts you,

and teaches you how to survive.

In a world set apart from another,

in a land where freedom's alive.

To a heart that is willing to listen,

and an eye that is willing to see.

The Spirit of Thetis will show you,

the path to serenity.

Written: Jan. 16, 2016 Copyright © 2016