Introducing the Healthy Waterloo Region

Introducing the Healthy Waterloo Region

This is an e-magazine that provides the consumer with interesting and relevant health information from local businesses that have a focus in health & wellness.

The Healthy Waterloo Region

Do you believe in synchronicity? As Carl Jung explained in 1951, synchronicity is a concept, which holds that events are "meaningful coincidences" if they occur randomly, yet seem to be meaningfully related. My name is Kathleen Beauvais and I can only attribute the events that led to the creation of the Healthy Waterloo Region as synchronistic.

Driven By Passion

Although I have a degree in psychology, my career and work experience has been quite diverse working in the corporate world for several years and then branching out on my own. I’ve always had an interest in any topic which was health-related. As a health practitioner, I spent hours delving into topics on various conditions my clients had. If I knew someone could be helped by another practitioner, facility or service, I was always happy to give a referral. In fact, as time went on, this aspect seemed to gain more importance. My clients seemed to appreciate the guidance in helping to find the solutions they needed. It pleased me to be able to connect people with other practitioners or services that I knew would impact their lives in some way.

Working Together

When I was introduced to Steve Thode, the developer for the Klusster platform which powers this e-magazine, I was so impressed with the concept. It made sense to me to have local businesses work collaboratively to help promote each other through the use of social media. It’s like word of mouth marketing but on a grander scale. What a great way for businesses to forge new relationships with one another which in turn, builds trust. So my career took another amazing twist and I started Conscious Media Publishing, a company that manages e-magazines and I couldn’t be happier.

My hope for you, the reader, is that you will get to know each of these businesses on a more personal level and consider them if ever you find yourself wanting the services they offer.

If you are a business owner and see yourself part of our elite group, I would be delighted to hear from you.