Up Close & Personal with Lakelands Diet Delivery Chef, Keith Mitchell

Up Close & Personal with Lakelands Diet Delivery Chef, Keith Mitchell

Meet Keith Mitchell, Executive Chef and Partner at Lakelands Diet Delivery. Let's get to know our local businesses.

Keith Mitchell is the creator and chef par excellence of Lakelands Diet Delivery. He has spent 35 years working in kitchens, 30 of those years as a chef. Keith’s vast experience in meal preparation includes chef duties at the Chateau Lake Louise, Banff Springs, the Chelsea Inn in Toronto, as well as at a number of other restaurants and hotels across Canada.

Lakelands Diet Delivery, keith mitchell,

Executive Chef, Keith Mitchell

Lakelands Diet Delivery

For the past fiveteen years, Keith had been the head chef for a number of diet delivery services in Toronto. Keith is an extremely versatile and talented chef who has always been fascinated by the pharmacological properties of food. This interest led Keith to the development of the first diet delivery service in Canada way back at the beginning of the century.

Beef and Green Beans, Szechwan Sauce, Lakelands Diet Delivery

Beef and Green Beans in Szechwan Sauce

Lakelands Diet Delivery

Lakelands is as much a lifestyle choice for Keith as it is for his clients. He now has a membership at a gym, enjoys skating and skiing in the winter, and golfing and canoeing during the summer. According to Keith, “This positive energy and good sense of fun will be reflected in the meals I provide for clients on a regular basis. In actual fact, I have succeeded in creating the perfect job for myself. Lakelands Diet Delivery provides the ideal venue to test new and exciting ingredients and flavours. In fact, it’s just like my life. In my free time, I like to play and keep it fresh too.”

Keith explains why he became involved in Lakelands Diet Delivery and why it will play a significant part in his role as executive chef, “The way we have structured the company allows it to evolve and grow while I can still remain hands on and engaged in a way that I was unable to be in the past.”

Lakelands has started an initiative to support local high performance amateur athletes. Athletes need to eat healthy and eat clean to maximize their performance. The Lakelands Diet Delivery meals are of such high quality nothing has to be changed in the recipes to support Olympic level athletes, only a larger portion size is needed since they do work out much more than most people. We have started with local Waterloo Region boxer Mandy Bujold a short while before her competition to go after a record setting 11th National win. Boxers need to hit a target weight and with Lakelands Diet Delivery Mandy had no problem at all. Keith looks forward to working with more athletes in the future.

Lakelands Diet Delivery provides the community with some very informative articles on nutrition. To read more, view their page here.  You may also visit their website here.