Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Featuring Kerri Hallman of Fitness360 for Women in Waterloo!

Dear Readers,

I would like for you to get to know each of the amazing local businesses that are currently involved with the Healthy Waterloo Region. Whether they provide an important service or whether they aim to inspire, uplift and motivate, they have a common goal - your wellbeing. Wouldn’t you like to know why they chose their current career paths? These talented and compassionate people are more than just a business. They have a story.  Here's an "up close and personal" look at Kerri Hallman from Fitness 360 for Women.

Fitness 360 for Women - Kerri Hallman, owner

My favorite thing to do is workout! I know that sounds a little weird to some and yet some will understand, but if you ask me what I like to do….I will answer with some form of activity. So I guess you can say my career choice is fitting! I have been active in the fitness industry for20+ years. I started as a 15 year old, wanting to get in shape and spending most of my time on the cardio machines at a local gym. Little did I know how much more there was to fitness then the Stairmaster. I was an active participant in fitness classes until one day an instructor told me that I should be teaching. The thought had never entered my mind until that point. So naturally, I enrolled in the next instructor training program that was offered and started teaching classes and loving every minute of it. After teaching for a few years and having my babies, I decided to head into the personal training field so I could work one on one with people and help them reach their goals. I guess I also wanted to show people how I felt about exercise and that it could be fun and it can make you feel better! I have to say this was a great choice. I have enjoyed working with many people over the years and showing them their true inner strengths.

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Kerri Hallman, Owner of Fitness 360 for Women

I have lived in this area my whole life. I attended elementary/ high school here and one year of University before I took a 2 year program in London. I then returned to KW as this was home. I love this area and couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. I am the type of person that likes to travel and see new places but I always want to come home. I like my routine and home. I have two kids, 12 and 10 who keep me busy. I have one active in sports and one active in the arts/crafts. Our family owns a cottage on a small lake near Sauble Beach. We spend most of our summer weekends up there, boating, skiing, swimming and relaxing. I have tried to stay in the city on summer weekends to see what goes on here and I must say it is quite difficult. Knowing that the sun is out, it’s beautiful and there is a lake a few hours away calling my name? I think I’d rather be there! Waking up to the view of the lake never gets old. Even in the winter when we are able to go and the lake is frozen and its bitter cold, the view never gets old to me. I am forever grateful to be able to enjoy such an amazing place! Last year we purchased some road bikes and have been exploring the area up there a lot more. We truly live in a beautiful area and I love exploring new places on my bike! You can definitely cover more ground on a bike than you can on a run! Both are wonderful activities to do at home or away!

Up Close and Personal with Local Businesses

Beautiful Sauble Beach, Ontario

I have grown up with a family that volunteers! I have been volunteering for as long as I can remember. I have been a volunteer fitness instructor, I have served on a neighborhood organization, I have been part of planning committee’s and much more. I feel it is important to give back in any way you can. My children also volunteer where they can. From a very young age, I was showing them the importance of giving people your time. I want them to know that “work” isn’t always about the pay cheque at the end of the day…. It’s about so much more and the feeling you get when you do something for other people is amazing. We like to volunteer together when possible. Sometimes they just need a little push to do it but once they get there they love it!

My life journey has led me to owning Fitness 360 for Women. It truly is a passion of mine and I’m so happy I get to spend my days at a place I love. Every woman that comes into the club has a fascinating story and I absolutely love getting to know everyone. My goal is to know each member's name that walks through the door. At times this can be quite difficult but I know if I go somewhere and that person knows my name, it resonates with me and makes me feel great! We are like a small family here at Fitness 360. It feels like home.