GET Common Sensical: Common Sense Marketing Lunch & Learn

This is a LUNCH & LEARN Event from LOCAL marketing professionals. There is a $10 fee charged for catered sandwiches and refreshments.

This workshop is for businesses that want to gain a better handle on a wide array of traditional and Internet marketing tips.

This is a LUNCH & LEARN however, we will include the ability for all to provide a 45 sec intro to their business.


Lunch and Learn Sessions

Common Sense Marketing Event: Get Common Sensical: Marketing Lunch & Learn hosting by Sharon Ricci, CEO of Influence Factor, Liza Hess-Rodriguez & Thomas Hess, founders of Mawazo Marketing Inc. and Steve Thode, CEO of Klusster Media Inc.

Basics of SEO & Getting Found Online: Presented by Steven Thode: Over the span of the last several years, Steve's websites have reached over 35 Million people. The Basics of SEO presentation will focus on the common sense of getting found online and lead the audience to a greater understanding of how the Internet and search doesn't have to be a scary adventure. READ STEVE'S KLUSSTER HERE

Personal Branding: Presented by Sharon Ricci, award-winning copywriter and Founder/President of Influence Factor, a Digital Publishing Agency will engage the audience with a focus on Personal Branding. Participants can look forward to learning about the importance of Personal Branding and doing hands-on, interactive exercises that will get them clear on who they are as professionals, what core value they offer and what problem they solve. Come prepared to get excited about building your Personal Brand in a practical, "put into immediate action" way!

The 360 degree approach to digital marketing by Mawazo Marketing. Digital Marketing is more than just messaging. It is a well thought out system that is intended to drive real leads. Mawazo has worked in digital marketing around the world and with clients like Maytag, Roots and Canadian Tire.

See you on the 27th. CLICK HERE TO JOIN