Best Wifi Long-Range Routers

Best Wifi Long-Range Routers

If you needed unlimited wireless internet for your home, you needed the Best Wi-Fi Long-Range Routers. Routers are responsible for transmitting signals from the

If you needed unlimited wireless internet for your home, you needed the Best Wi-Fi Long-Range Routers. Routers are responsible for transmitting signals from the internet wirelessly through an entire house in the form of Wi-Fi. This task is difficult when the house has a huge space and many floors. The nature of Internet signals is that they lose force when they are stretched over long distances. Also, Wi-Fi gets weaker and weak after traveling across the floor from your first to a second home. Causing buffering and lag in your internet experience.

How do you fix it?

Consider investing in long-range routers.

These are the kinds of routers that have been specifically designed to improve the signal strength. And provide Wi-Fi connectivity to the far reaches within your home. A long-range router will do satisfaction to the high-speed internet service by delivering wireless speed in a quick and secure method to all your devices connected to it regardless of the location they're located.

Best Wifi Long-Range Routers

Best Wifi Long-Range Routers

This post serves as a buying guide so that you can choose the most suitable Wi-Fi router to use at home within the long-range category. Follow the link and keep reading.

What are the Features of a Long-Range Wi-Fi Router?

Wireless signals are often damaged when they hit solid objects. They also conflict when paired with wireless gadgets within the vicinity, such as baby monitors and microwave ovens that transmit data at identical frequencies. Long-range routers take care of these issues efficiently It:

  • Blocks the obstacles and carries internet signals across physical obstacles quickly.  Increases signals to enable internet connectivity to multi-story houses
  • Increases signals to enable internet connectivity to multi-story houses.   handles a large number of linked devices and networks at the same time.
  • handles a large number of linked devices and networks at the same time.
  • Blocks frequency conflicts in other wireless gadgets by transmitting data using less crowded channels and channels.

Best Routers for Long-Range Connectivity 2021

The search for the most effective Wi-Fi router for 2021 is an overwhelming job in itself. Each model brings something distinctive and unique. A lot of options can make you confused, which is why we've completed all the research for you. So you can look over the following routers and select the one that interests those interested in it the best. Let's get started on our definitive roundup of the top Wi-Fi routers that are long-range:

ASUS AX6000 (RT-AX88U) | Best Overall

A part of Amazon's Choice product, the ASUS AX6000 Wireless 6 Gaming Router comes with everything you require to increase connectivity throughout your home. Its design is modern yet compact to accommodate smaller spaces. Despite its dimensions, the AX6000 gaming router comes with the power of four beamforming antennas that blast wireless signals at 600 Mbps in Dual-band frequencies that range from 2.4 to 5 GHz and 2.4. It boasts a huge area that can cover up to 55,000 sq feet and integrated security for commercial use due to Trend Micro's AiProtection program.

This ASUS AX6000 Wireless 6 Gaming Router features an adaptive QoS feature and integrated VPN and MU-MIMO to provide extended support for devices. The only issue with this incredible long-range router is the price, which varies between $250 and $350.

TP-Link Archer AX6000 | Runner Up

The high-speed router for Wi-Fi 6 made by TP-Link is specifically designed to offer stunning web experiences. Its success is due to the built-in 1024 QAM, which increases wireless speeds to up to 6 Gbps, and OFDMA Integration, which boosts the average data transmission speed in high-density environments by 4 times. The long-range antennas are derived from eight external antennas, which aren't as flexible as we'd prefer to see them. However, they derive their energy from beamforming technology and FEM signal boosters. This gives the ability to extend their frequency and bandwidth prioritization.

Its HomeCare security suite provides high-end QoS, parental control, and anti-malware features for additional security. In a nutshell, it's modern, and you must get this as fast as you can to ensure lag-free internet connectivity across your home's vast space.

AmpliFi HD by Ubiquiti Labs | Best for Long Range

A far cry from the typical router AmpliFi HD made by Ubiquiti Labs is entirely different. Thanks to its 3x 3 MU-MIMO technology, this mesh system offers basic connectivity even to the most remote areas of your property. It's ideal for living in a large area and would like to browse the internet near the edge. However, it is not the best choice for higher speed or better performance. While Ubiquiti's All-Home Wi-Fi router isn't as powerful in network power, it makes up its extensive coverage, which is superior to the other routers in this list.

Furthermore, the look of AmpliFi HD appears to be straight from the sci-fi genre. The base unit is shaped like a cube, and the mesh routers are shaped like long pods. The router also has an Android application that makes installing and managing the network a piece of cake.

TP-Link AC1750 (Archer A7) | Best for Budget

TP-Link is a well-known name on the market of routers because its routers aren't just better in terms of feature but also more affordable on a budget. The particular router, the Archer A7, manufactured by TP-Link, has been awarded JD Power Awards for two years and has been a success in the course. It is compatible with all major ISPs, including Comcast, the US's biggest broadband provider for cable. Archer A7 is compatible with Alexa, and consists of three external antennas to offer extended coverage of networks, and includes a TP-Link Tether App to manage remote access. It's natural to set up and includes an inbuilt VPN server, QoS, and parental control.

One thing which could use enhancements is its signal strength that is not great at best, but it's good enough to warrant under $100. We can conclude that Archer 7 is the best WiFi router suitable for apartment dwellers.

NETGEAR Orbi (RBK50) | Best Mesh Wi-Fi

NETGEAR Orbi is Amazon's choice for a home-to-home Wi-Fi mesh network. It is comprised of the base unit and several satellite pods. The base unit is connected to the main internet line, and the satellite routers transmit internet signals to remote and out regions, removing the dead zones of your home. In terms of design, Orbi is stylish and attractive. Orbi system is attractive and improves the look of your living space with its smooth, elegant, soft appearance.

The tri-band frequency paths guarantee a high level of support for devices and reduce congestion on the network. It also integrates well with Alexa and is easy to set up using the well-known Orbi mobile application. But, you might find problems when trying to integrate older devices into this mesh network.

ASUS ROG Rapture (GT-AX11000) | Best for Gaming

The thing that makes gaming routers unique is that they are designed toward a smooth and fast performance. Gaming routers like the ASUS ROG Rapture GTX11000 come with the latest Wi-Fi distribution technology that isn't available anywhere else. Tri-band speed, 1.8 GHz quad-core processing power, and the next-generation Wi-Fi 6 speed earn it the status of the most efficient Wi-Fi router designed for gaming. Furthermore, ASUS ROG Rapture is AiMesh compatible, meaning that you can expand its coverage by adding more devices to your network.

The AiProtection protects your data from cyber threats and also. Although its specifications are top-of-the-line, the ASUS ROG Rapture style is too intrusive. The aerials make it look like a spider with inverted legs, which might not be a good fit for your casual style, but will match your man's space.

Linksys AX4200 (MX12600) | Best Wi-Fi 6 Router

The newest wireless networking standard provides gigabit-level speeds, reduces bandwidth congestion, and saves the battery. If you're not already upgrading to the latest standard, then we suggest you begin from scratch and purchase a Wi-Fi 6 router. The top Wi-Fi 6-long-range router that we recommend is backed with Amazon's Best Choice and the Linksys MX12600. With more than 8,000 squared feet of area and offering 4 Gbps speeds, The router works with its other units to form an internet mesh that connects up to 120 devices within the area. The rectangular units are a perfect fit with the home's design and don't clutter the tablets.

With Linksys MX12600, you'll be able to enjoy gigabit speeds regardless of where you are located in the home. However, you'll need to purchase anti-malware security elsewhere since this router is not equipped with such advanced security.

NETGEAR Nighthawk 12-Stream AX12 (RAX120) | Best Router Design

The ultimate long-range router is the tech-savvy customers around Netgear's Nighthawk AX12. Its unique design stands apart from other routers. Contrary to other routers with large arrays of antennas, Nighthawk AX12 has a sleek design, backed laterally by wings reminiscent of eagles that hide the antennas and make your space appear modern. These are not all the features of this router. It also features 8 x 8 MU-MIMO technology that allows many gadgets to be connected to the internet even if they're located in the far parts of your house.

The router comes with cutting-edge technologies like active QoS 2.2 quad-core CPU at 2.2GHz OFDMA, beamforming, 1024 QAM Alexa support, Guest WiFi, firewall, and VPN, making it the ideal choice for next-generation performance. The only downside is that the security software requires a monthly subscription. However, it is worth it. Nighthawk app is a great way to compensate for the absence of this feature.

Amazon Eero 6 is the Best Support Ever!

Apart from being the world's largest retail site on the web, Amazon is a proud producer of many products and devices. Among them is the eero6 router that offers standard speeds for the standard cost. This router features an avant-garde design that will complement a postmodern interior. The set includes a main Eero 6 router and two extenders you can install anywhere within the home to remove dead places. One of the most impressive advantages of eero 6 and its ability to connect to its extended range and high-speed connectivity is its support for devices. It is possible to connect 75 devices using eero 6 because it's Wi-Fi 6-standard.

The router can sync with Alexa and acts as an intelligent home hub that lets you manage the operation of your Amazon smart devices using voice commands. The speed might be the lowest in this listing. However, its smoothness and easy-to-use setup give no other router an advantage. In fact, eero 6 is the most reliable Wi-Fi router that works with several devices.

What to See for in a Long-Range Router?

If a router with a long-range sound like a wish that has been realized for you and you're looking for the best router, here are the things you need to take into consideration when searching for the ideal Wi-Fi router that is long-range:

Signal Range

Range refers to the size of the square foot the router covers. It's one of the most significant factors to recognize when purchasing a router with a long-range range. A majority of the routers on the market provide an area of signal that ranges from 22,000 sq. feet. Up to 10,000 square. Ft. Choose a router with a range that is perfectly integrated into your home's design and floor plans.

Mesh Compatibility

It's not possible to remove dead zones entirely. There is a chance you will encounter a dead space outside your home or on the balcony regardless of how sophisticated your router's central network is. This is the reason why a mesh network comes in useful. If you need to add them later, the long-range router you select must be compatible with any additional satellite routers or extenders.

Wi-Fi Standard

Long-range routers use a variety of Wi-Fi standards. WiFi 5 is probably the most well-known one, and Wi-Fi 6 represents the most recent version that uses wireless Internet technology. A long-range Wi-Fi router 5 is ideal for a typical household with standard internet usage. In contrast, the Wi-Fi 6 long-range router provides greater performance, the efficiency of networks speed, higher speeds, lesser signal loss over longer distances, and robust internet use.

Frequency Bands

A router broadcasts wireless internet signals across a variety of radiofrequency bands. Dual-band routers transmit information on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz, bands. It can handle multiple tasks and requests from users. But, if your internet usage is a lot and there are many devices in your home, it is recommended to use tri-band routers, which have a 2.4 GHz band and two 5 GHz bands, which will need to handle the enormous amount of data. Be aware that having an additional band will not increase the range of the signal. It'll just increase the quality of the signal and speed.

Broadcasting Antennas

The signal coverage and the strength of a router throughout the entire house are the antennas responsible for transmitting signals in any or all directions. The more active antennas that a router is equipped with, the greater its reach and the more able that signals can break through obstructions or walls to reach your devices, regardless of where you are within the home.

Processor & Memory

The real power is within. A router with a long range should have a more powerful processor, and more memory to handle the flood of data quickly and spread the signals evenly across many floors. For this, look for a router with a quad-core or dual-core processor with a minimum of 128 MB of RAM.


The Quality of Service enables you to prioritize signal distribution for specific apps and functions within the network ensuring that you will receive more bandwidth than other devices. A long-range router coupled with QoS can help to streamline data flow and ensure there's always enough bandwidth to use.

Mobile App

Remote management using a smartphone app is an excellent feature for long-range routers. With a dedicated router application, it is possible to set up settings, study Wi-Fi maps, view connected users, and monitor the security of your network in the palm of your hand. The app should be available for download at no cost and work with iOS and Android devices.


Connectivity to the internet via wired connections beats wireless connections. A router with a long range must have a sufficient number of ports that cover many Ethernet standards in its panel to permit wired connections when needed. This also helps to prevent the issue of signal degradation and network congestion when traveling over long distances.


If you've purchased a collection of smart home devices. The feature MU-MIMO is an absolute blessing for a router with a long-range. This "Multi-User, Multiple Input, Multiple Output" feature provides incredible capabilities for 20 devices connected simultaneously.


Beamforming technology enhances Internet signals in a certain direction. If you decide to stream Netflix or play a game or participate in an online video conference in the living room. The beamforming feature can boost the signal coming at you. The most recent long-range routers incorporate beamforming technology with ease.

Parental Controls

You can control the type of web-based content your children consume by using the parental control feature integrated into your long-range router. Create guest networks, set access times, and block websites that are not appropriate from the beginning.

Security Protocols

Wireless security shouldn't be neglected, especially in the current era of hyper-digitalization. Ensure you are aware of encryption protocols and security protocols like WEP and WPA2-PSK on the router you buy to ensure that you are safe from cyber-attacks. Your network, or cause havoc on your devices.

When you keep all these elements in your mind. You can evaluate the top routers and pick the ideal wireless router for your home that has the greatest range.

The Final Word

The move to a larger house is an achievement. But, the vast area also presents a major connectivity issue. A standard router can't access every nook. And cranny of your house and makes access to the internet difficult for those in a dead area. But don't fret, however. A long-range router will solve the issue immediately. It's got the best technology and proper features, which increase internet connectivity throughout a house regardless of the size.

If you're thinking of purchasing a long-range router and are sucked in confusion. You should check out the routers featured in this article and discover the best hardware for your large home. However, if you're unable to wrap your head around these routers. Make sure to read our buying guide for long-range routers to help you find the perfect router the following time shopping.