Tub Tea: 8 Common Herbs for the Best Bath of Your Life

Tub Tea: 8 Common Herbs for the Best Bath of Your Life

Tub teas are herbal soaking blends for the bath, one of the easiest self-care products you can make. Follow our tips for a relaxing bath.

Tub tea is one of the newest old things to hit the natural self-care market. Essentially, a tub tea is nothing more than a handful of herbs and flowers left to steep in a warm bath. The delicious fragrance and beneficial essential oils of the plants bring the relaxation powers of a good soak to whole new level of ahhhh. You can purchase pre-made herbal soak mixtures from a variety of sources. But it’s important to know exactly what’s in them and how old they are.

Another downside to pre-made tub tea mixes is that many are unnecessarily expensive. Dried botanical material is affordable and readily available for purchase online, and you just may find a bounty of bath herbs in your own backyard if you know what to look for.

Caution: Not Too Hot!

It’s definitely not cool to soak in water that’s too hot. The ideal temperature for most people is typically 2 or 3 degrees above body temperature. For that reason, people living with diabetes, high or low blood pressure, some heart conditions and pregnant women are generally advised to avoid water that’s overly hot or staying in the tub for more than 20 minutes. If you are being treated for any chronic disorders or are taking prescription medications, talk to your physician before slipping into a hot bath.

Another “hot-button issue” to be aware of is the types of herbs being used in your tub tea. Not all botanicals are recommended for all skin types. For instance, those with sensitive skin may want to avoid citrus-based ingredients or heat-producing spices like cinnamon, clove or ginger.

And don’t get burned by herbs that are past their prime. Ingredients such as lavender or rose petals may sound heavenly, but if too old, they lose their pleasant scents and effectiveness. The best way to ensure your tub tea is beneficial is to make it yourself. It’s so easy!

DIY Tub Tea: A Thoughtful Gift for Yourself and Others

Indeed, it’s fun and easy to make your own bath and skin-care products. With simple ingredients like fresh or dried herbs, a few essential oils, and coconut oil you can have healthier hair and skin from top to toes. An herbal soak for the bath is one of the easiest, and most beautiful, self-care products you can make. Just follow these tips for the most relaxing bath of your life:

  • Use a muslin bag to contain your botanicals, this will eliminate the need to clean bits of herbs and flowers out of the tub when you’re done. Simply let the bag soak in the warm water as you do. Alternately, brew your selected herbs in a pan or tea pot, and pour the strained liquid into the tub.
  • Choose only natural, organic botanicals. You don’t want to soak in a tub full of pesticides or artificial colors.
  • Fresh plants are fine for immediate use. To make a batch of tub tea for the future or for gifts, use botanicals that are thoroughly dried.
  • Sure, you can look at what’s growing in your own yard. Some of the most beneficial botanicals are common landscape plants or even weeds. Look for these plants in your garden or wild places where you’re certain no pesticides are being used:

Other Beneficial Botanicals

1. Dandelion flowers—Rich in anti-aging antioxidants

2. Eucalyptus leaves—Helps clear respiratory congestion, aids deep breathing

3. Lavender—Calming and promotes healing of minor skin irritations

4. Parsley—Helps heal bruising and inflammation

5. Rose Petals—Natural anti-inflammatory and moisturizing. The scent of rose calms the mind

6. Rosemary—Relieves sore muscles

7. Sage—Another muscle reliever, also helps prevent stiffness after a workout

8. Stinging nettle—Eases aching joints, promotes circulation

  • Don’t worry about exact proportions when putting your blends together
  • Sprinkle dried herbs with a few drops of their corresponding essential oil to magnify the scent and effectiveness of the plant
  • Try one herb at a time if you have super finicky skin. Using one botanical at a time takes the guess work out of learning exactly what you and your sensitive skin like

Tub teas are fun to experiment with and a great excuse to close the door and take a long bath. Tell everyone you’re busy product testing and enjoy.