Coconut Oil for Hair: Is It Safe to Use?

Coconut Oil for Hair: Is It Safe to Use?

We’ve heard a lot about using coconut oil for hair, but do we really know everything? In this post, we aim to share every info we know.

Do you want to have a healthy, shiny, lush, and manageable hair? It can be yours with coconut oil.

Whether or not you are looking for a weekly hair conditioner or need to bring back the life of damaged strands, coconut oil can work wonders. Thanks to the Lauric acids and vitamin E present in this oil, the hair stays strong and healthy.

But out of all the many other oils out there, why coconut oil?

Coconut Oil vs. Other Types of Oils

There are many natural oils that bring shine to your hair, nourish the scalp, get rid of dandruff, and promote a healthy hair growth – Argan oil, olive oil, avocado oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, to name a few. However, among the oils mentioned, coconut oil is the most powerful.

Rich in vitamin E and many other nutrients, unrefined organic extra virgin coconut oil is somewhat like the holy grail. It repairs damaged strands, prevents hair loss, and promotes hair growth. Because of what it can do, it is considered one of the most effective products for the hair.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Hair

Here are several ways to use coconut oil to better your hair health.

1. Conditioner

Coconut oil is one of the world’s favorite natural deep conditioner. To use, first, wash your hair with your favorite shampoo. And then, comb coconut oil from the roots to the ends. Leave it there for at least five minutes. Rinse.

2. Hair Mask

You don’t have to spend your hard-earned cash on fancy hair treatments. All you need are 2 tbsps. of coconut oil, 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar, and 1 tbsp. of honey. Mix the three ingredients together. Apply the mixture, starting from the roots to the tips. Let it sit for at least 20 minutes and rinse with a mild shampoo.

3. Strand Detangler

Dry and tangled hair can result in breakage. Then again, fret not, because coco oil penetrates to the hair shaft, making it easy to get rid of knots. Apply an ample amount and comb through the strands. Make sure you pay attention to the damaged areas.

4. Lice Treatment

Perhaps, one of the best applications of coconut oil for hair is the prevention and treatment of lice. In a study conducted by the European Journal of Pediatrics, when combined with anise spray, coconut oil becomes more effective in combatting lice. Since this oil penetrates to the scalp, lice and eggs can’t thrive in the hair. And with the help of essential oils like anise and tea tree, these parasites don’t stand a chance.

What Benefits It Provides the Hair

Unlike other hair oils, coconut oil penetrates to the roots, which means you get to enjoy its benefits to the last drop. Here are more reasons to use it for your hair.

1. It adds shine.

A little amount of coconut oil can add shine to the hair and control frizz. After shampooing, massage the oil to your strands and rinse. It should smooth out those strands without leaving a greasy finish.

2. It works as an excellent conditioner.

If you are looking for a deep conditioning product that does not contain harsh chemicals, coco oil is for you. Apply a generous amount from the roots to tips before going to bed and then tie your hair up and let it sit overnight.

3. It supports hair growth.

When you massage virgin coco oil onto your scalp, blood circulation is improved, hence improving hair growth. If done thrice a week, hair loss is also prevented.

4. It prevents the appearance of split ends.

Split ends can be very annoying. And the best way to prevent them is to hydrate them with coconut oil. By doing that, you are reducing the appearance of those splits.

5. It controls dandruff.

Because of its antimicrobial properties, coconut oil makes an excellent treatment for dandruff. To use, massage an ample amount onto your scalp and leave it there for 15 minutes.

Safe Application of Coconut Oil for Hair

There are proper ways to apply coconut oil for hair to ensure safety. Below are some of them.

1. Avoid applying it straight to the scalp.

Yes, coconut oil is handy for those, who are struggling with lice and dandruff. However, others found the negative impact of using this oil directly on the scalp. When applied directly to the roots, it may cause the pores to clog and result in irritation. So, it should be used directly on the hair.

2. Always apply in small amounts.

When it comes to coconut oil, a little goes a long way. And if your hair isn’t used to this oil, try to start with small amounts. From there, see how your hair reacts.

3. Be careful when adding it with other ingredients.

Planning to use coco oil along with other ingredients? Be careful though because they might just affect the effectiveness of coconut oil. Then again, it has been proven time and again that honey, yogurt, and this oil works best.

Easy-to-Follow Coconut Oil Recipes for Hair

Now that you know that coconut oil is a saving grace for your hair, here are some recipes you can follow.

1. Coconut Oil Deep Conditioner | One Good Thing by Jillee

coconut oil deep conditioner, coconut oil, coconut oil for hair, conditioner

All you need are three ingredients – virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, and several drops of essential oil. By combining them in a small bowl, you get a conditioner that doesn’t only condition the hair, but also detangles those knots!

2. Coconut Oil Hair Treatment | How Does She

coconut oil hair treatment, coconut oil, coconut oil for hair, hair care, hair treatment

If you are desperate to find a cure for locks and brittle hair, this coconut oil hair treatment is for you. It can be done as often as you want. After application, you can grow your hair longer and stronger.

3. DIY Coconut Oil & Honey Hair Mask | The Every Girl

DIY coconut oil, coconut oil, DIY, hair mask, coconut oil for hair

Hair products, blow dryers, and the changing weather take a toll on our strands. That is why this DIY coconut oil and honey hair mask recipe makes an excellent moisturizer or repair product for damaged hair.

Coconut oil indeed has many amazing uses. And it’s just amazing to know how special it is when it comes to the hair! So, is it safe? We need not to answer that question. You already know that. How about you? Do you have other coconut oil applications to share? Let us know below!