Can a Locksmith Make a Key Without the Original? We Have the Answer

Can a Locksmith Make a Key Without the Original? We Have the Answer

We don’t need a locksmith regularly. But when we do, it has to be an emergency case. And most often, it is due to lost keys. Losing a key, especially the original, can be problematic indeed. But it should not be because locksmith Sydney CBD can help.

By calling a locksmith, he can make a car key without the original at hand. How Is this possible? You are about to find out. This article will explain the procedure of how a locksmith can replace your home or car key even if you have lost the original.

How Keys are Made?

Key cutting is one of the premium services offered by locksmith Sydney CBD. The keys are made from a machine known as the key duplicator. This machine uses an original key on the vice on one side with the cutting tool while the other end has the blank key with the alignment tool. The alignment tool is an important piece of the machine. It stands even with the blade and ensures that the keys are even with one another.

When the key duplicator is turned on, the original key and the blank key will move across the machine. The blade will cut into the black key with the original serving as the template. After the keys are cut, the locksmith may sand the copied keys for a smooth finish and the final product matches the original.

Conditions For an Effective Duplication

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One of the conditions to make sure that the duplicate keys work is to use the correct key blank. It is easier for residential keys because a local locksmith Sydney would have different types of key blanks on their stock. In general, the locksmith would choose the blank that bores the closest resemblance to the original. It ensures quality and accuracy.

The second condition is for maximum accuracy, the copy should be patterned from the original. It offers more accuracy and efficiency.

Copying Without the Original

It is possible to make a duplicate key without the original but you need to go to a reliable locksmith to do it for you. A professional locksmith will use a code cutter to detect the depths of the groove for the lock’s key code. It will tell your locksmith how your key should be cut to produce the right copy.

Worn out keys are also difficult to duplicate. It should be decoded before the copies can be made. Using a key gauge, the locksmith can determine the depths of the cuts in the original key.

Another way that a locksmith can make keys without the original is by creating an impression of the lock. A locksmith would use a key blank, vice grip, and a file to complete the key cutting process. He will put the key blank into the lock and turn it to bind with the pins in the lock cylinder. The impressions made in the binding process will guide him on the sections that need to be filed on the key blank.

For lost original car keys, the first step in producing a key without the original is to determine the type of car and the type of key needed. Cars made before 1981 should have a key cut from the standard block key. Locksmith Sydney CBD would need to cut a transponder key or the key with programmed chips for safety features. Then will program it to start the vehicle, if the vehicle is made after 1981.


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There you have it. The answers to the question of whether a locksmith can cut keys without the original. These procedures may look simple in theory but remember the locksmiths in Sydney offering these services have spent years perfecting the craft. Never try to do these things on your own. It is always wise to go to a professional locksmith.