How a Locksmith Can Make a Key From a Lock

 How a Locksmith Can Make a Key From a Lock

When you lose your key and there is no way you can get hold of a spare, will it be possible to make a new key out of the lock? The answer is yes, your locksmith Sutherland Shire can fashion a key with your lock. The process is not simple. And the reasons why you need to make a key out of a lock is not an ordinary circumstance like the key is broken or extremely worn out to make a copy.

Whatever the reason is, you need a key to avoid placing yourself in the same situation. Or worse, what if you were locked out of your home and you don’t have a key? Here are the ways how a locksmith can make a key from a lock for you.

Cutting the Key From a Code

It might be the fastest way to fashion a key from your lock but that doesn’t mean that it’s the easiest or the most feasible solution for all lock types. The key code is a set of characters that are used in producing a key for a specific lock. There are two types of code: the biting code and the blind code. In the case of making a key out of a lock, the locksmith Sutherland Shire will use the biting code.

It doesn’t work all the time, especially when the locksmith does not have the original key as the basis. You can track the biting code down by calling the manufacturer but they don’t usually give it away unless it will be carried out by a licensed locksmith.

An impression of the Lock

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Compared with cutting a key based on code, using the impression of the lock is a more direct approach to make a key out of your lock. It does not require disassembling the entire lock cylinder or decoding the lock. Most locksmiths are familiar with the process because it is faster and more efficient to do. However, it is not easy to execute and needs a lot of practice.

At a glance, the process may look easy as the locksmith only needs to insert the appropriate key blank into the lock and turn the blank key so that it will adhere to the pins inside the lock cylinder. But it needs a special technique because you need all the pins to bite into the blank to mark the sections that the locksmith will cut. Generally, the locksmith has to repeat the process of moving the blank in and out of the lock multiple times until he completes the impression.

Disassemble the Lock

This method is the last resort when the locksmith cannot make the key from the code or impression on a blank. Most often, emergency locksmith, Sutherland Shire use this as a solution because they have no time to do all two. They can open the lock, and at the same time, cut a new key.

What a locksmith does is disassemble the entire lock cylinder and try to reverse engineer the biting for the key from the alignment and heights of the pins inside the lock cylinder. He will do it carefully so as not to damage the internal mechanism or distort the alignment.

Final Thoughts

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The above solutions do not apply to all lock types, and a locksmith in Sutherland Shire cannot make a key from a lock all the time. Some locks have special features that prevent them from doing so. In these instances, it is more affordable to replace the lock instead of attempting to make a new key out of the lock.