5 Common Door Lock Problems in Kingsgrove and How to Solve Them

5 Common Door Lock Problems in Kingsgrove and How to Solve Them

Here are the absolute most normal door lock issues in Kingsgrove. We have remembered a conversation for potential answers for this issue.

It is always the usual suspects. Doorknobs, handles, and locks are always part of the door lock problems at work and home. It’s not surprising since we use them every day, and they go unnoticed most of the time.

Since all doors are subject to wear and tear, they can break-in time and possibly cause lockouts in some cases. These lockouts can happen at the most inconvenient time. When this happens to you, it calls for an emergency locksmith Kingsgrove.

Here are some of the most common door lock problems in Kingsgrove. We have included a discussion on possible solutions to this problem. However, we recommend getting in touch with a reliable locksmith in Kingsgrove at the soonest possible time to protect your home and valuables.

A door lock is not latching properly

When the door lock does not latch properly, there is a problem between the latch and the strike plate. They are probably out of alignment. This problem requires tightening the hinge screws and adjusting the strike plate by shifting it slightly.

Its repair can range from doing minor latch adjustments to repositioning the door. If the latch does not catch, slowly close the door and observe how the latch bolt comes in contact with the strike plate. You can also check the marks on the strike plate. In some cases, the door has shrunk, and the latch was unable to reach the strike.

When you have figured out this problem. You can try any of the suggested methods. However, if you don’t have the right tools, it is better to call a locksmith in Kingsgrove right away.

Loose Door Knob

Door knobs tend to become loose over time. You can tighten them, but you should know the right technique for this particular type of lockset. However, you can tighten a simple mortise lockset. Loosen its set screw on the doorknob’s shank.

You can also hold the knob on the other side and turn the loose knob clockwise until you feel it tightening snugly. Then, you can tighten the screw until you feel it resting against the spindle. You should be able to turn the knob freely.

If both techniques don't work, you can remove the knob and check its spindle. If this is already worn, call a locksmith in Kingsgrove to replace it.

Frozen Door Lock

5 Common Door Lock Problems in Kingsgrove and How to Solve Them

The external lock tends to freeze, its interior can get dirty, and the interior part can eventually wear out and break. Before buying a new lockset, try these simple remedies.

Putting some graphite on the keyhole can solve some minor issues like uncooperating locks. Try to let the graphite work on the inner mechanism of the lock. You can also use some de-icers or lubricants to dissolve the grime. Or you can ask a locksmith to see if something is jammed or broken inside. They can replace these parts, saving you from buying an entire lock.

The entire cylinder turns

This happens when the entire set screw that is holding it in place breaks or becomes loose. For a mortise lockset, you have to remove the entire faceplate to locate them. Tighten the screws and replace the faceplate.

Surface-mounted rim locks have a different mechanism. You also have to remove the cover. Once you have found the set screw, tighten it and replace the cover.

Stuck deadbolt

This happens when the bolt has a hard time finding the throat of the strike plate. Check if the strike plate is secure and in alignment with the bolt. If this doesn’t, call a locksmith. They will probably fill the screw holes with wood and glue, reposition the strike plate and screw it back in.

Broken keys inside the lock

5 Common Door Lock Problems in Kingsgrove and How to Solve Them

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Keys can weaken in due time and break inside the lock. When it happens to you, get a pair of pliers and try to grip and pull the key straight out. You can also remove the cylinder and insert a stiff wire into the cam slot at the rear of the cylinder to push the lockout. Better yet, take the entire cylinder to a local locksmith in Kingsgrove.

These are some of the most common door lock problems that our reliable locksmith in Kingsgrove responds to. If you encounter any of these problems, you can give the Clockwork Locksmith a call, and their expert locksmith will get there to get the job done.