How to Deal with Major WordPress Development Issues?

How to Deal with Major WordPress Development Issues?

Various issues could arise, ranging from incorrect admin credentials to corrupted data. It will also explain ways to fix the issues. We hope that this article can be helpful to a WordPress web developer as well as for the average user. Often, the layman does not possess the knowledge necessary to figure out the cause of these problems specifically. That's why the services of a seasoned WordPress designer or WordPress development company are essential. In this article, we'd like to discuss the most common issues we've encountered in our work and offer the best solutions to get things back to normal.

Web Development for WordPress that is Data Reliant Problems:

First Headache: There is no connection with the Database:

Take a look at a common scenario that almost everyone WordPress website designer or user has faced. You're looking to add a post to your site. At once, the system displays an error telling you that it failed to connect to your Database. There could be various WordPress issues that trigger this kind of issue. You can repair the issues yourself or get help.

Incorrect Information for Connectivity:

Ensure you've provided the correct username and password, hostname, and DB names in your wp-config.php file. Maybe, someone has altered the information without notifying the user about it. Look for the file and check the information. Wrong? Edit. Right? Keep looking for the reason.

Hosting Service Provider, Server or:

Another reason to suspect is the hosting service you use. It is possible that you added more data to your DB than the service allows you to. Contact them to find out. Additionally, the server could be down currently. It's the time to heal.

Headache #2: Too Much Extraneous Data:

Another issue that is a part of WordPress web development and use is the large amount of data stored in the Database you do not require. After installing WordPress and just finishing your website, your DB is clean and organized. The problem starts when you begin making comments, posts, etc. The system generates metadata tables alongside the primary table. For example, you may end up with the comments table and an associated metadata table.

As time passes and more data enters your Database, the structure could become out of control due to the additional tables. Querying data using SQL becomes very difficult because of the plethora of interrelations. It is possible to utilize one of the inbuilt WordPress methods to create the most straightforward structure of tables. But, if the volume of data is large and large, it can cause the website to move at a snail's speed.

However, it is impossible to alter how the system handles things. The most satisfactory solution in this situation is to employ WordPress expert developers. They will analyze the database structure and recommend the best methods of keeping it tidy.

Plugin-Related WordPress Issues You Could Face While Developing or Using your website using this CMS:

Headache #1: Your Home Page or a Different Page on Your Website is Blank:

The WordPress core is improved with each new release. However, the development of websites using WordPress requires plugins to improve a website's capabilities. In this regard, WordPress website developers and users are blessed. Because the CMS is among the most popular in the marketplace, its user base is the biggest. Because of that, there are a lot of WordPress plugins available on the Internet.

It's great but isn't it? Until you finally open your WordPress website with a large variety of plugins on it, then, much to your dismay, you see an empty page. There's no way to explain what's happening. There are no notifications or warnings and nothing.

The browser is closed. After that, you open it again. The page is empty. What does one do when they don't know where to start?

Anyone who is a WordPress website developer will be able to pinpoint the issue. One of the most frequently encountered WordPress problems is the result of the plugin. For instance, it could have been created by amateurs or was not tested properly. It might also be old-fashioned.

In such a situation, WordPress development experts recommend removing all your plugins temporarily to determine if any of them is responsible for the mistake. That is what you need to do:

  • FTP your site to FTP
  • Look for the directory of plugins
  • Use a different name

Now, go to the website once more. Did you find the content? You've hit the right nail! The problem lies with some of these add-ons. The next steps are

  • Give the directory of plugins the initial name.
  • Remove all folders in the directory of plugins and copy them into an additional folder
  • Copy and paste all folders into your original plugin directory in order.

Once you've identified your problem plugin, take it off or replace it with another one.

It is important to note that any page on your website could be affected by this problem. Additionally, as developers use PHP to support WordPress creation, the issue could be due to the absence of PHP memory. If the source of the issue is a malfunctioning plugin or a shortage of memory, you can change the WB_DEBUG variable in wp-config.php set to true. That will allow you to use the debug mode to spot the problem quickly.

Headache 2: Pages Take a Long Time to load:

There's no issue with the plugins that you or a WordPress web developer have installed in most cases. The issue may lie in the number of plugins. We understand. It's tempting to utilize as many plugins as you can to satisfy every need of your business. However, a lot of add-ons could cause uncomfortable WordPress problems. One of them is unusually long loading times for pages. If you've noticed your site is operating at a rate that was not as fast 10 years ago but today is not acceptable, look through your list of available plugins on your website.

Be sure to remove duplicate plugins. You can leave one plugin in place for each purpose, such as search engine optimization or data analytics. Naturally, customized WordPress design is the most effective method to ensure your website's fast and smooth running. If speed is imperative, but you cannot enhance it yourself, make sure you hire our professional WordPress and Woo Commerce developers. They're knowledgeable about vital web technologies and will include the necessary features on your website. So, you don't have to depend on other third-party WordPress plugin creators.

A Few Other Issues That Could arise within the WordPress Website Development Process:

The Headache 1: WordPress Produces the Parse Error:

That is among the WordPress issues that are relatively simple to repair. Sometimes, it's more sensible to adopt a coding method and adapt it for our site rather than trying to create a new system. Even the top WordPress developers have this problem as well as commit mistakes. For instance, there could be a bracket or slash missing from your external codes. Copy it into one of the files via your admin dashboard. Next, you'll see an error code for parse syntax printed on the screen.

The good thing is the fact that this error message is specific. It identifies the exact place within the file where the issue occurred. To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  • FTP to your website

Find the file that is mentioned in the error message.

  • Locate your line in the file
  • Correct and save the file.
  • Click the button to reload your browser.

Headache #2 A Link Links to nowhere:

Are you aware of when you clicked on a hyperlink on a web page only to be taken to the page with the number 404 prominently displayed with a notification that the page isn't there? That isn't very pleasant. You don't need to be the WordPress web designer to allow your users to get to the actual page, not an unresponsive page, regardless of how elegant it appears.

Go to the WordPress admin area and find the menu item permalinks. Verify that you know the address to which the link is pointing is accurate. If it's not, you can edit it, then save the modifications. There are many reasons why a permalink leads users to a dead end. For instance, I might have deleted a blog post. It is important to remember that saving URL changes in certain situations is recommended, even if the URL is correct. Click Save changes.

Another reason is that there is something wrong with this .htaccess file. The most recommended method to resolve this type of problem in WordPress is to speak with an expert WordPress website developer. The file is too crucial to change without the proper skills.

Last Words:

In this article, we've only begun to scratch the surface of some of the frequently-reported WordPress problems that can arise when developing websites with this CMS. If you're looking for a way to ensure that the performance of your WordPress website functions quickly and smoothly, then you're in the correct location. You've come to the right spot if you require a customized theme to stand apart from your competitors and stand out from the crowd. We're adept at handling any WordPress project you've assigned to us. Contact us today!