How to Find the Profitable Blogging Niche

How to Find the Profitable Blogging Niche

A Profitable Niche should be big enough for the market place, your blogging niche is going to determine whether your blog is able to build a viable audience.

Its 2020 and we all know just how powerful blogging has become over the years. According to popular statistics, nearly 409 million people every month view around 20 billion pages. Out of them, there are about 70 million posts that are published every month. The sheer number of blog comments by each month is about 77 million and 71% of all WordPress sites are in English. Furthermore, 77% of all internet users read blogs and websites that have blogs get 97% more links as compared to those that don’t. As a blogger, you can make anywhere from $19k to $79k in a year which isn’t bad at all.

However, by the end of the day, no can deny that you need to invest considerable time and effort into your blog to make it hit big for you. Many of the so-called ‘multi-millionaire’ blogs that we see today were initiated way back in 2005. Hence you have a long and yearning journey ahead of you. In this post, we would like to offer you some suggestion through which you can find a profitable blogging niche for yourself. So let’s take a quick look at each one of them:

How Find a Profitable Niche?

· Aim towards A Specific Audience

When we are talking about a niche, we are explicitly aiming towards a select group of people with certain lifestyles, ambitions, demographics, personality traits, and buying power. Your niche cannot be simply a general one as then your blog would fail to accentuate the various factors that come into play that makes you different and distinguishable from the rest. The basic idea over here is to remain distinct, original, and unique in your overall approach so that people can identify your blog for what it stands for. There are always some core values and some centric ideas around which your blog niches must revolve around. This offers you great control and ability to manage your content appropriately both in short and the long run.

· Trends Can Help You Foster Your Niche

There is no doubt that trends can help you find some important pointers to nurture and cultivate your blog throughout the process. However, trends can and should always be used to generate and general idea or direction which your blog niche should follow. When it comes down to the specifics and the particular nature of your blog; however, you must step up your game and define exactly what your blog is all about. For instance, we find athleisure and fitness to be trending topics for discussions. However, your blog can be affiliated with those trends but offering support only for people facing concerns such as obesity or finding the right clothing for plus size people.

· Make Sure To Choose Topics You Are Passionate About

You need to answer and validate an important question before you pick a niche, and that is the ability to produce genuinely interesting and intriguing content for more than a year on a periodic basis. If you are passionate about a certain subject and know a lot about the topic of your blog, then you are indeed in good hands. However, if you choose a topic solely on the basis of how profitable it can become down the line, but unable to deliver captivating and attractive content for it on a regular basis, then that decision of yours might not produce the results you wanted in the first place.

· Never Shy Away from Research

When it comes to blogging, research should come to you as your second nature. It goes without saying that the more you research and study your niche, the better you would become at handling nitty-gritty details. Furthermore, if you ever do come across a posing challenge or a hurdle along the way, research can provide you with more than enough scientific evidence and factual information to support your claims. This definitely implies that you go through a ton lot of material, read a lot, and then have the analytical skills to analyze the proper decisions that you should take to make things work out for you.

· Take Your Future Goals into Account

Blogging is not a onetime deal or a sale that you make once and go bagging about for the rest of your life. It necessitates and mandates consistent effort and investment of your time. That is why it is extremely important that you always look down the road and know what kind of returns you would be aiming for in the future. What you need to do is sit down, plan, and create a long-term strategy that you would like to follow while taking into account and consider all the hindrances and troubles you might face along the way. Never forget, the journey is as important as the destination, so while you struggle to get to a place, simultaneously your hassles would teach you a lot of important lessons.

· Look At Competitors & How They Make Money

Being blindsided about something isn’t what anybody out there wants. You, as a blogger, have a duty to be always in the know! You can’t simply let the world around you dictate terms. Instead, you need to crave for information like as if it was as essential for you as breathing is for sustaining your life. So study the market, look at competitors, and see what everyone else around is going about doing their things. This will naturally broaden your approach and improve your perspective at the way you look at things. At times simply studying your rivals can help you understand your own shortcomings and strengthen you further by working on your weaknesses. Just like professionals at Academist Help can help you improve the overall quality of your academic paper.

· Use Keyword Planner to Get More Ideas

We cannot simply ignore that fact that your blogs will be used to link and rank higher on search engines. Hence, all you need to know is a little about SEO (search engine optimization) and how to get rated higher on SERPs (search engine result pages). Once you do this, you would be able to understand the importance of keywords. However, a keyword planner can also offer you some incredible insights as to what people are looking for during present times and how you can curtail your future content to answer those burning questions. At times it can even help you generate ideas during times where you are going through a writer block and unable to generate concepts and notions on your own. Similar to Australian Master, where you can ask professionals to offer you comprehensive research based on your subjects and topics.


In the end, we can say that all a lot of effort and your time need to be invested in order to make a niche profitable. Finding a niche isn’t that hard if you are a maestro at doing secondary research. However, it is how you proceed with that niche and execute the plan of action to the best of your capacities that matter most.

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