What do they focus on that we would benefit from following?

The difference in our daily habits can make the difference.

How many of us are aware that the subconsious thoughts in our daily lives make up over 40 percent of our waking hours?  Spoken in another way, two out of every five minutes we are operating on auto pilot.

Are these good habits or self defeating habits?  Are your habits similar to the rich, or no?  See how you measure up to the common habits of the rich.

1. Live within your means.  Live on 80 percent of your income and save the remaining 20 percent.  If you are living above your means, what items can you scale back on or limit?   - bars, movies, extravagant vacations.

2. Don't gamble. On average, 77 percent of those who are struggling financially play the lottery with hopes of "winning the big one".  Wealthy people do not rely on random luck, they create their own luck.

3. Read everyday.  This increases your knowledge, even if it is just as little as a page a day.  Don't have time but you commute to work?  Why not try listening to audio books during your commute?

4. Forget about the television and spend less time surfing the internet.  How you even calculated how much time is consumed in these activities?  Over two-thirds of wealthy people spend less than an hour of television a day and less than an hour on the internet unless it is business related.  Instead, try personal development, networking or volunteering.

5. Control your emotions.  Not everything needs to be expressed.  Successful people do not allow their emotions to control them.  Fear is probably the most difficult emotion to control but wealthy people condition their minds to overcome the debilitating thoughts that commonly stand with fear.

6. Network and/or volunteer regularly.  This is a great way to build relationships and increase your exposure.  Developing relationships often results in future business relationships.

7. Go above and beyond in work and business.  Unsuccessful people often carry the "it's not my job" mentality.  Ultimately, with mind set they are seldom given more responsibility which prevents them from excelling.

8. Set goals, not wishes.  Wealthy people have goals and their goals are written down.  We cannot control the outcome of a mere wish.

9. Avoid procrastination.  Helpful strategies for this include creating a daily "to do" list, having an accountability partner, crushing the most challenging thing first, (then the rest seems simple) and set yourself an artificial due time.

10. Talk less and listen more.  As the saying goes, we have two ears and one mouth, use them proportionately.   Wealthy people are good communicators because they are good listeners.  The more you listen to what others have to say, the more you can help them.

11. Avoid toxic people.  We are the average of the five people we hang around with the most so make sure there are no toxic people in the mix to lower the energy.

12. Don't give up.  Keep three things in mind; focus, persistence and patience and never stop striving for your goals.

13. Set aside the self-limiting beliefs that are holding you back.  What non supportive stories do you keep reciting to yourself and others on a daily basis?  These stories may have served you in the past but they are not applicable today.  Isn't it time to create new ones?  Try reading lessons from Napoleon Hill, Dale Carnegie or Jim Rohn.

14. Get a mentor.  Find someone that has or has done what you intend to accomplish and develop a relationship with them.  You do not have to do this alone.

15.  Eliminate bad luck from your vocabulary.  We become what we think about so think prosperous thoughts.

16.  Know your main purpose.  Find out what you love to do and create a living by doing it.    How do you find your main purpose?  Try this process:

- Make a list of things that make you happy.

- Highlight the ones that involve a skill

- Rank them in the order of what brings you the most joy.

- Rank them in terms of their income potential.

- Total both columns and the one with the highest score represents a potential main purpose in your life.