BEWARE of These 4 Common Yet Major Mistakes with Makeup Sponge

BEWARE of These 4 Common Yet Major Mistakes with Makeup Sponge

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A beauty blender or egg-shaped makeup sponge; is a household and a must-have when every single makeup artist needs it for applying a makeover. People often use it daily or just dig it out of the depths of a makeup bag on certain occasions, but successful are those who make every penny count invested in it.

The purpose of writing this post is to draw your attention to some common mistakes which majority of people do while using makeup sponges. While using a sponge, one ought to make it to the faucet and spend more time getting it wet. Giving a quick pulse isn’t going to be enough.

Following are four common sponge mistakes;

Squeezing for Bigger Size

Blender has different sizes when it’s wet, and different sizes when a sponge is dried for proper application. the beauty blender often gets double in size when it’s wet.

You should be squeezing it under running water so that the water gets absorbed into your sponge, and plan to be there around 10 seconds so it can get properly saturated with water. That’s why it gets double in size


Washing a makeup sponge after every use is not reasonable, rather wash it every week. There comes a few tried and tested tips for cleaning sponges like using castile soap. If you don’t have it, then dish soap will work best. You can also use any sponge cleaning liquid


The mistake of sponges in an application is, swiping instead of bouncing! This is the biggest and most common mistake. People want to swipe the product onto their face and it's one of the biggest errors that makeup artists do we all do

What we’re supposed to do with this egg-shaped makeup sponge is, use a sponge in circular nature, use the bottom side of a sponge to do your face and then the pointier side to do things like underneath your eyes


For concealer, another one of the common mistakes that people do is, replacing sponges frequently. The makeup sponges should be only replaced after three months. The excellence blender or cosmetics wipe is a favorable place for microorganisms and keeping in mind that you ought to clean them regularly, they at last arrive at a termination date

The longer you keep them; the more bacteria will stay in sponges. After every three months, even makeup sponge suppliers update their stock, so you’ll certainly found something new each time!