Better Together as ONE Hits The Road for Upcoming Series: Main Street Matters

Better Together as ONE Hits The Road for Upcoming Series: Main Street Matters

Better Together as ONE is spreading the word about thinking global while acting local as they visit small business owners with a unique story to share!

Imagine everything in life was treated the way a corporate structure is. You have your VP of Finance, VP Marketing, VP Operations, and the list goes on! Each of these positions holds a unique responsibility with a set of duties that the other VP’s may not be good at themselves. The Company works cohesively and successfully by bringing together each of these unique talents and though they have completely different day to day tasks, they all work towards a common goal.

Now scale this corporate model up to your community at large— that is the mission of Better Together as ONE; to bring businesses together to help educate, empower, and elevate one another and our communities. The Better Together as ONE philosophy is that when people come together, we can achieve great things. Like the corporate structure, we all have our own unique strengths that when combined become a force to be reckoned with.

It is critical that we put more focus on combining these strengths and start to work towards a common goal within our communities. Ultimately this brings all experts from their own realms together to create a happier, healthier & more prosperous community!

Better Together as ONE is a podcast and TV Show hosted by Margaret Wallis-Duffy, Claire Gavin & Todd Miller. The goal of the show is to bring on guests who represent our mission and can provide inspiration to our community. At the core of the Better Together as ONE philosophy is our passion for philanthropy. We think global and reach global but ACT LOCAL to help improve the health and wellbeing of our residents and our communities.

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As our mission and platform has grown, it has become evident that we needed to kick things up a notch and take our show into the heartbeat of our communities. This is what inspired our upcoming series: Main Street Matters. As of last week, Better Together as ONE officially set out & hit the road to visit a number of small businesses in Halton Hills, Burlington, Brampton & Milton. We have identified business owners who have an inspiring story and incorporate the Better Together as ONE philosophy into their business model.

We are coming to a community near you! If you, want to join us on our mission, be sure to follow us along the journey on social media and stay tuned for the Main Street Matters release date! If you have a small business and are looking to invest in your brand by receiving coverage on our platform, send us a message and will share more details on how you can become involved.

Better Together as ONE airs on YourTV Halton, Cable 14, and is available on YouTube and all other podcast platforms. Be sure to subscribe now so you don’t miss a beat!