What Should You Know Before Visiting Sikkim?

What Should You Know Before Visiting Sikkim?

Sikkim is one of the most attractive tourist place in the North-East. Read the blog to know about some of the important factors before visiting Sikkim.

Sikkim is one of the most intriguing areas in the North-East to visit. It attracts many tourists throughout the year because of its natural beauty, which is one of the main reasons for the increased number of tourists in this part of India.

If you're planning a holiday to Sikkim soon with the best tour and travel agency in Kolkata, you can be sure that you'll enjoy every minute of it. Your Sikkim tour will undoubtedly be fascinating, but keep the following facts in mind as you plan your holiday to Sikkim:

  1. Shared taxis- In Sikkim's entire region, shared cabs are available. Tourist buses are few, but you can always share a taxi for transportation. You may have to change taxis to reach your destination, but you will not have to wait long.
  2. Average speed in Sikkim- Due to the tight turns on the narrow roads and steep places where there is sometimes too much traffic, the average speed in Sikkim is fairly low. Travelling from one location to another takes time, but even if the time makes your trip boring, the vistas and scenic splendour will keep you entertained. Sikkim's average speed is up to 25 kilometres per hour.
  3. Be prepared to obtain permits- Valid proof is required for most tourist attractions, particularly in North and East Sikkim. Every time you need a new permit, you'll need to provide proof of identification and pictures. It is recommended that you bring 10 photos and photocopies of your ID verification with you when applying for a permit. To save even more time, you can speak with the tour operator or package provider ahead of time to iron out details.
  4. Rental boots and coats are available- Boots and coats are available for rent in Sikkim, so you won't have to buy them. Warm jackets, boots, and gloves can be rented for a low price anywhere you need them. There are more opportunities to rent them in locations where there is a lot of snow.Sikkim's working hours
  5. Sikkim's working hours- In Sikkim, unlike other large towns and places, marketplaces and shops close early. Sikkim's markets and shops close around 8 p.m., and there are few restaurants and cafés open beyond that. If you plan to visit any of these locations, make sure to check ahead of time.

Keep these things in mind, says the Best Sikkim Tour Provider in Kolkata.

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