Methods & Programs to Achieve Optimal Health

Methods & Programs to Achieve Optimal Health

Whole Health takes pride in our ability to find each clients limiting factors and create the best programs for them to achieve their health and fitness goals.

Look within Yourself

At Whole Health; Strength & Fitness, we help you connect within to understand your body, your thoughts, your health and your happiness. We make it our goal to help every client understand and learn essential movement patterns, the importance of moving and keeping active, the importance and effect nutrition has on the body as well as limiting the stress in your everyday life. Our work is very much like a meditative practice as we teach you to look within yourself, focusing on engaging each muscle until you fully feel what that means. From that point we take you into bigger, compound movements allowing you to progress farther on your journey to greater strength and health. Once our basic movements have been mastered, our workouts begin to increase in intensity where our body really begins to shift in its shape and energy.

Methods & Programs to Achieve Optimal Health

Optimal Health


The equipment we use in the studio is very unique in the sense that you may not be lifting super heavy weights BUT you're lifting and using your full body in everything you do. The benefit through this is that we are learning to engage the small muscles so that when we transition into heavier lifts, all of our muscles are working synergistically to receive the most optimal results. For example, one day you may be lunging with an aqua bag over your head and the next day you’ll be squatting over 100lbs in weight.

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The moves we have you perform here, the equipment we use, the amount we care, about your health success, is unlike any other place you would train.

Methods & Programs to Achieve Optimal Health

Squatting 170lbs Health and Fitness Goals

At Whole Health; Strength & Fitness, we pride ourselves in our ability to adapt to our clients needs and goals. We understand that not all clients will not have great health outside of the gym, not all clients will have goals of weight loss or muscle gain and that some clients main focus, may just be the ability to wake up and get out of bed every day feeling energized and pain free. Through our experience we have learned how to find each clients’ limiting factors to create the best program for them to achieve their own level of optimal health.

Whole Health Chelsi

Do it for YOU!

I did it for me and now I am happy to help others!

Make goals and destroy them. Climb that Mountain, all the way. When you dive into something, do it full heartedly and better yet, do it for YOU. Do it for change in routine, a change in perspective and time to connect within. Do things everyday that make you proud!

Do it for YOU, Chelsi Rodgrigues, Whole Health

Do it for YOU

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