Tired and run down? Ready for change?

Tired and run down? Ready for change?

Are you finding it hard to wake up with motivation? Tried many remedies that just aren’t working for you?

Tired and run down? Ready for change?

Are you finding it hard to wake up with motivation?

Tried many remedies that just aren’t working for you?

With a change in nutrition and activity these feelings can change! By exercising a minimum of five hours a week and eating healthy wholesome foods, we can play with your energy, motivation and feeling of tiredness! At Whole Health; Strength & Fitness, Head Coach Chelsi; has a background in Nutrition Coaching and can help you create a customized meal plan based on your needs.

Chelsi has helped clients with extreme adrenal fatigue, kidney pain and low energy feel motivated, energized and pain free through the use of her nutrition and exercise programs. She has also worked on helping clients gain muscle or lose body fat, all with a wholesome approach leaving her clients feeling strong, healthy and of course happy!

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Adrenal Fatigue

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For now,

if you’re tired of feeling tired, here are some tips you might find beneficial:

Eat a high fat and protein breakfast (ie, eggs and bacon, or eggs and avocado for a vegetarian), this will digest slower in the body, leaving you feeling full longer. This will also set your day off right as you will naturally feel more energized eating breakfast if you usually tend to skip it.

Eat unprocessed carbohydrates. By this I mean your main source of carbohydrates should come from vegetables and fruits. These types of carbohydrates tend to be lower glycemic and will keep your energy consistent as opposed to processed carbohydrates where you would feel a quick spike in energy and then later feel a big drop, leaving you feeling hungry in a short time, and possibly sluggish. A great time to eat your more processed carbohydrates would be, right after a workout when your body will benefit from them most. This is also a great method to keep you away from cravings and/or bingeing.

Wake up and make good affirmations for yourself. Tell yourself daily how great you are. When you wake up, take time to remind yourself of how magical life is and how amazing of a being you are in it. Be grateful for everyday and be brave in yourself.

If you wake up feeling tired, leave yourself five extra minutes to stretch and move around a little. Wake up, reach for the sky and fold to your toes, perform walking lunges to the kitchen or do some squats or jumping jacks waiting for your breakfast to cook.

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Glycemic Index

Thank you for taking the time to read, I would love to hear from you so please send me your questions below on the Let's Connect Button....

"You’re not alone, we’re all in this together. Looking for greater health, more happiness and longevity. Let’s work together to help get you feeling and looking your best." Chelsi Rodrigues


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