What Are We?

What Are We?

Whole Health; Strength & Fitness is a health business focusing primarily on strength and functional movements patterns along with nutrition.

What are we?

Whole Health; Strength & Fitness is a health business focusing primarily on strength and functional movements patterns along with nutrition. We help people lose weight, gain muscle, balance hormones, reduce stress, beat injuries and most importantly help individuals find happiness within them. We are two very holistic individuals who love to promote great health. We believe strongly that the food you eat is your medicine and that with activity we allow ourselves to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.

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Whole Health; Strength & Fitness

With our support in your health goals, we will help you accomplish your goals. We believe in having great, well-rounded health and therefore have referrals within the community for support in areas of health that are not our expertise. For example, we have referrals with some spas, energy healers, chiropractors and this list will continue on growing. We help you through our use of lifestyle coaching, teaching you how to use your body as efficiently as possible, while challenging yourself and how to maintain a healthily balanced diet.

Both Sam and I have graduated from Conestoga College’s Fitness and Health Promotion program and have our OFC Group Fitness, Resistance and Personal Training certificates. I also have a certificate in nutrition through Precision Nutrition.

Our education and constant drive to learn makes us your perfect coach as we will continue to work after hours to find the best ways to help you.

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Adrenal Fatigue

For example, after working with a client of mine for four months whom suffers from adrenal fatigue, we were able to balance her hormones enough to allow her to become pregnant. She began training because she wasn’t able to get pregnant for a few years when she was trying. She was able to lose over 20 lbs in the time of us working together, build muscle definition and lower her stress a lot, so much that she was able to become pregnant! We are now working on making sure she has a healthy pregnancy.

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Cell Regeneration

Discover Yourself

Our vision is to help people discover enough about themselves through our work that they are able to live healthy, happy lives on their own. We work to provide our clients with enough resources, education and inspiration to transform their lives forever. With our help, we will make sure you get the help you’re looking for.


Amany Says:

"The moment you meet Chelsi you know your life is going to change for the better! She pushes you to do things you didn’t think you were capable of doing and encourages you in your lowest moments to keep going. I never thought in a million years I would be able to do a plank for a whole minutes and with a weight on my back for half the time. Its moments like that when you see your strength building and your body changing that you realize how far your trainer has taken you. From barely being able to do lunges to doing them back and forth like its nothing. I have reached milestones in my physical health that I could only dream of before. Shes an amazing person and she is also an amazing trainer and will get you results your looking for the best and healthiest way. I can’t say enough how amazing she is and I can’t thank her enough for all the empowerment and encouragement she provides. Her constant concern for your health and her amazing effort to encourage you to achieve your goals is worth more then money can buy. You don’t just gain a trainer and a great life change you also gain an amazing friend. 100% recommend Chelsi"

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