Sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia

Picturesque, Cultural, A Lifetime of Memories & Over 1000 Islands.

Charter A Sailboat in Croatia

The picturesque country of Croatia, blessed with a long coastline on the Adriatic Sea is dotted by about a thousand islands and is one of the most fascinating tourist destinations in Eastern Europe; perfect for every kind of trip imaginable. Croatia is blessed with awesome natural sceneries especially along its coastlines, great weather, inviting blue seas, exquisite national parks, warm people, mouth watering and tasty delicacies and much more….Chartering a sailboat in Croatia is an item that tops every tourist’s to-do list.

Sailing in Croatia is beyond taking trips on the warm clear water in place of land; it is relaxing, island touring , nightlife exploration and meeting new but friendly faces with every island that’s crossed off your list

Why Sail In Croatia

Croatia is designed for sailing and gives one of the best sailing experiences that you can get in the whole world. It located in such a way that its historic and scenic islands can be explored easily off the sea, thus most tourists sail and swim and explore the clear-cut perfect waters during the day and enjoy the culture-rich nightlife of the cities at night. Croatia also offers sea safari excursions and a sailing school for learners

Cities to visit


The old city of Dubrovnik, located southern Croatia, off the Adriatic Sea is one of the renowned places to visit in Croatia. Established on maritime trade in the 7th century, it is a city with many historical features and treasures for tourists to behold. Some of its attractions include its old walls of defense, cobblestones streets, magnificent churches and grand palace. Popular beaches like the Banj and Lapad are found here, and more in the nearby Island of Lokrum. It is is a classic yet beautiful city.


This is Croatia’s second largest city and is located on a peninsula that is right off the coast of Dalmatia. Also known as the Mediterranean Flower, the city’s major attraction is its historic hub of th magnificent Gothic and Renaissance architecture. The Diocletian Palace; a small city-like complex is one of such resplendent structures, in fact it tops the list. Outside the palace there are tourist attractions that grace the city in all names and forms.

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This one city that is popular in its own right in Croatia. The city of Hvar is blessed with exquisite sceneries of lavender field, luxurious vineyards and splendid beaches. Hvar Town, with is thirteenth-century city walls is made up of marble stones that line the street, beautiful churches, gothic palaces and an imposing ancient fortress. Hvar is home to Croatia’s grandest and most beautiful town square that’s surrounded with classic building alike. The city is marked with resorts for recreation; indoor and outdoor, landscapes suitable or hiking, and secluded coves and beaches for relaxation and getaways.

3 Amazing Things to See and Do

Sail the Seas

Croatia boasts of one of the most splendid Archipelagos in the world, having over 1000 islands that mark its scenic Adriatic Sea. This makes it the definition of sailing and your vacation in Croatia is not complete if the sea is left out. The sea is actually the vacation. You can rent a sailing boat if you don’t have one, with or without a crew. To enjoy the whole of Croatia, sail the high seas a end get the best of its land by stopping once in a while to explore its islands. These islands give a different feel than the sea and are loaded with pleasant surprises apart from fresh seafood, and wine that will make you not want to wake up if you’re dreaming. Amazing Islands include: Brač; with its gorgeous white-stoned beaches, Hvar; where celebrities roost, the islands of Korčula; Krk, Cres, Lošinj, Vis and Lastovo, and the likes. Just go island hopping as you sail the seas.

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Visit UNESCO Sites

Croatia is known to be a small country that is loaded with many wonderful surprises that re seemingly bigger than it. One of such is that it is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites. These sites include; The Cathedral of St. James in Sibenik; Stari Grad Plain, Hvar; Old City of Dubrovik; Historical Complex of Split with the Palace of Diocletian; Historical City of Trogir; Episcopal Complex of the Euphrasian Basilica in the Historic Centre of Porec; Plitvice Lakes National Park.

And there are many more amazing sites too, that could be UNESCO recognised in the nearest future. One of such is The Historical Nucleus Varazdin which happens to be one of the renowned top places to visit in Croatia. Croatia is basically a gold mine of amazing sites

Visit Lakes and Waterfalls

Croatian lakes and waterfalls are beauties, with Plitvice lakes topping the list. They are made up of 16 interconnected lakes separated by many waterfalls. And the colour of the water is just beyond magnificent; you can see blues and greens in all the shades that can ever be imagined.

Popular also is the Krka Waterfalls. These falls can be accessed by boat or by car are other popular waterfalls in Croatia. You can visit them by car or by boats that leave from the small town of Skradin close by. Visitors to the waterfalls have three main sites, lined by picturesque walking trails and footpaths. There is also a small island with a small monastery nested within the lakes. It’s every photographers delight in season and out of season