Brush Cutter from Chandakagro

Brush Cutter from Chandakagro

Brush Cutter

Chandak agro’s Brush cutter is a really well balanced and relatively light weight with high capacity and a strong motor. It delivers great results efficiently regardless of whether we use the strimmer line or grass blade. It's pretty good on both tall grass and well-grown brushwood, but it struggles a bit with really thick clumps. Generally a Brush cutter is mounted to a rod or shaft. It uses a metal sharp blade that cuts thick/dense harvests, paddy and woods up to 4 inches in thickness. Brush Cutter is a durable and reliable machine, as long as they receive proper maintenance. It is an easy and convenient option in farming & gardening rather than a shovel, sickle, chopper or axe. It is being attached to a rod; shaft or machine is always held at a minimum distance from the body making it much safer for someone using it.