Nissan Terra

Nissan Terra
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The 2021 Nissan Terra (nissan terra ราคา in Thailand) will be launched in the Middle East at the end of 2020. Nissan X-Terra, named after 2021, is a sports car in the PPV series with a powerful safety system.

Terra was developed in 2011, hoping to enter the Chinese and Middle Eastern markets. However, due to many problems, Nissan Terra delayed its release time to 2018.

The 2018 Nissan Terra is a family car, so its frame is relatively large, with rigid lines, giving people a sense of self-confidence and resilience, and can drive in the wild and on urban roads. Its grille is V-Motion, equipped with daytime lights and daytime running lights. The overall design of the Nissan Terra makes the driver’s vision clearer and increases safety.

The interior design of the Nissan Terra is spacious and comfortable. For example, its steering wheel is multi-functional, and it has a 5-inch TFT driving information screen that can clearly display the image from the rear camera. The driver can control the second row of seats to move in and out easily by pressing the buttons on the dashboard on the center console.