Advantages of Mazda: why it deserves such a great popularity?

Advantages of Mazda: why it deserves such a great popularity?
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Mazda is not the new to the electrific game but Mazda MX-30 is the first actual actual production EV from the carmaker. As a result, it has been a hot topic among carspotters. Take a quick looking back to the preview of Mazda MX-30 on the media: The MX-30 is equipped with AC chargers that support up to 11 kW (up from 6.6 kW) and fast-charging DC stations with up to 50 kW capacity (from 40 kW previously).

The prior elements, reinvent the charm of the premium SUV that has been ruling the roast for long. But what is new on the MX-30 and how has it improved over its predecessor? Let's find out the answer.

In terms of name, Mazda has decided to distinguish the MX-30 from any nomenclature, especially about electric underpinnings. So you would not see an 'e' in its name any more.

When it comes to the performance of MX-30, unlike the other SUVs and crossovers in their stable with the CX moniker and it has been added some specific designs. Detailed information are as follows:

Dimensions. The Mazda MX-30 has the same dimensions as the more-familiar Mazda CX-30. As a matter of fact, the EV is built on the same SkyActiv-Vehicle Architecture found on the basis of the Mazda 3 and Mazda CX-30. Reinforcements have been both on the cells and the floor in order to increase stiffness.

Freestyle doors. It reminds some carfans of the Mazda RX-8. A future plug-in hybrid of the electric crossover will feature a rotary engine to extend range. We do not know the exact date when this variant will be launched but it is a promise change that we can hold a positive attitude to.

The launch of the Mazda MX-30 is a golden chance for the EV to become a part of Mazda's CKD line-up in Malaysia, making its price point to be more resonable.