How to End Bad Sleeping Habits

How to End Bad Sleeping Habits

Tips to end bad sleeping habits. And learn how to turn your life around by changing your sleep habits.

Evaluate Your Bad Habits

Before you can end your bad sleeping habits, you have to know what they are. This isn’t just about identifying what your sleep lack is (“I only get five hours of sleep on average a night” or “I always crash on the weekends because I don’t get enough sleep in the week”), but also why. What habits prevent you from having the regular sleep you want? Do you go to bed way later than you should? Do you hit the hay right after spending a few hours on your computer, TV, or phone? Are you in the habit of having a midnight snack? You might have one all-consuming problem or several more minor areas for improvement. Either way, evaluation is the first step to making progress.

If you’re having a hard time self-evaluating your bad sleep habits, there are resources available. Consider undergoing polysomnography, or a sleep study. You can also get recommendations from your doctor. Some types of bad sleep habits are signs of undergoing conditions and so need outside support to be treated appropriately.

Consistency is Key

The best way to end bad sleeping habits is to not just stop the “bad” behavior, but consciously replace it with consistent “good” behavior. So, if you always have a midnight snack, instead of just trying to not have a midnight snack, actively add in another side dish to your dinner meal each night so you won’t be hungry a few hours later. If you always spend too long on your phone in bed before trying to sleep, charge your phone in another room. That means you’ll want a nicer alarm clock to use instead of your phone so you can establish a consistent schedule without being tempted by the blue light of your device.

ver heard of sleep hygiene? Much like the consistency of good oral hygiene that comes with regularly brushing and flossing your teeth, sleep hygiene is about establishing patterns of positive sleep behaviors, like going to bed and waking up at the same time every day. Consistency is key if you really want to end bad sleeping habits (and start new good ones). Implementing a sleep routine will help you measure your progress, too.

How to End Bad Sleeping Habits

Prioritize Comfort

Sleeping better will be easier, and more enjoyable, if you prioritize comfort. See the difference a luxurious down comforter can make, for instance. Avoid exposure to artificial light and instead find comfort in natural lighting. Going to bed in a clean room also can help you be comfortable and sleep more easily. Many people are more comfortable sleeping with what is called “pink noise,” meaning soft background sounds that often mimic natural effects like rain falling, leaves rustling, or waves crashing.

Remember, quantity can not make up for quality of sleep. Prioritizing comfort may take more time, which initially may seem to cut into your sleeping time. However, by ensuring more quality sleep, you actually improve your sleeping habits and experiences overall.

How to End Bad Sleeping Habits

Embrace the Process

We get it: you just want to feel refreshed when you’re awake, well-rested during the day, and appropriately tired (without crashing) when it’s time for bed, and then be able to quickly fall asleep and stay that way until it’s time to do it all over again. Of course that ideal is rarely realized even for people with only good sleeping habits. But you can embrace the process.

Ending bad sleeping habits doesn’t happen overnight. You have to consciously choose comfort and consistency throughout the day and night, over and over, and eventually you’ll see your progression through the process. Sweet dreams!