10 Things to Do at London's St Pancras

10 Things to Do at London's St Pancras

If you find yourself in London's St Pancras station and need to kill some time, we have some suggestions for you Cars Hire Kings Cross

The majority of European road warriors have spent some time at St Pancras; for many, it is a regular part of their commute to and from the capital of France. Those who have simply sped through it on their way to catch a train, on the other hand, may not have taken the time to explore everything that St Pancras has to offer.

If you find yourself in London's St Pancras station and need to kill some time, we have some suggestions for you:

Marvel at the nearby Architecture

Exit the building and go around it for the finest perspective. St Pancras Station is a Victorian engineering marvel over 150 years old, and it is a Victorian Gothic masterpiece and one of the world's most attractive stations. Take a stroll through the St. Pancras Renaissance London Hotel. The Gilbert Scott serves dinner and lunch in Mi + Me, afternoon tea at The Hansom Lounge, and cocktails at Booking Office and the botanical sanctuary Roof Garden at St Pancras.

Granary Square - Dancing fountains

Granary Square, a delightful open-air space dotted with trendy bars and restaurants, is just a 6-minute meander north of both St Pancras and Kings Cross stations on the Northern Line. While many people come to the square to eat and drink, the greatest draw is unquestionably the wonderful array of fountains that can be found there. Ten hundred and eighty-four jets perform underwater choreography, much to the enjoyment of those watching them.

The accompanying light display, which has multi-coloured lights that illuminate the pulsating water jets, is best enjoyed at dusk or after dark. Do you have some free time? Take a seat at one of the many restaurants in this area and enjoy a drink of wine while taking in the fountain show.

Visit War Memorial

In 2018, a war memorial was unveiled to commemorate St Pancras' 150th anniversary and the conclusion of WWI. Fabien Peake sculpted the tribute on the great terrace.

Celebrate at The Champagne Bar

The St. Pancras Champagne Bar by Searcy's is the longest at 98 metres, making it the longest in the world. Before boarding the Eurostar, treat yourself to a cheeky glass of bubbly and some finger foods.

British Museum - to look through antiquities and artefacts.

The British Museum, located in Bloomsbury, is home to a permanent collection of more than eight million works of art. The exhibits are so large that you may come here hundreds of times without seeing everything. The good news is that the regular collection is open to the public for no charge.

Take the Piccadilly Line, which is conveniently located one-stop south of Kings Cross, and you'll be at Russell Square Station in less than two minutes. The entrance to the museum is about a seven-minute walk away. Klook tip: Make a reservation at the museum so that you can indulge in exquisitely crafted sweets while you are there.

Geek at Platform 9 ¾

Fans of Harry Potter can take a simple walk across Kings Cross to see Platform 9 3 4 if they so desire. Because weekends can be extremely busy, it is recommended that you purchase tickets in advance if you are on a tight schedule.

The St Katherine Docks Treasure Trail

Discover new things on the self-guided St Katherine Docks Treasure Trail!

Can you decipher the clues and find the missing treasure? The Treasure Trail's guidance and clues can help you. Simple directions will take you through this famous London area, and you'll find clues on plaques, buildings, monuments, and other intriguing objects along the journey.

Some of the clues are literally hidden in plain sight. A Treasure Trail is a fun way for the whole family to hunt for clues. Each time you solve a clue while outdoors, you'll also delete a map spot from your fictional treasure map.

When you reach the finish, there'll be one spot left. YES! You've found the long-lost.

British Library

This one will excite bookworms! The British Library, near St Pancras Station, is a book lover's dream. This labyrinthine place houses almost 170 million distinct items, ranging from ancient artefacts to newly published tomes.

You can also visit one of the library's numerous free events presented throughout the year. Visit the library for a leisurely read of one of its many captivating titles.

Get a book from Word on the Water.

Nothing like a good book to keep you engaged on a long journey by Eurostar. Fortunately, the beautiful Word on the Water is situated outside St Pancras and Kings Cross.

This unusual bookstore is placed on a barge on Regent's Canal. Browse everything from feminist classics to lovely poetry, or just sit up in an old armchair and read a favourite novel.

Regent's Canal

The tranquil Regent's Canal circles St Pancras and Kings Cross. No matter how much time you have to spare, this is a terrific spot to relax. Join the canal walk by Camley Street Natural Reserve and stroll along the water's edge, waving to narrowboats passing by.

The path runs past London Zoo and up to Camden Market. Snap a few photographs of 'Little Venice' before stopping for a well-earned drink at one of the many cafes surrounding Camden Lock.

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