CBD Oil: What You Should Know

CBD Oil: What You Should Know

CBD is a fast growing trend that continues to gain momentum. An increase in usage has many inquiring about CBD - what is it, and can you get addicted?

There is no question that CBD oil usage is on the rise. According to one study conducted by SingleCare, 33% of Americans have used CBD oil and of that 47% believed it is regulated by the government.

CBD is a fast growing trend that continues to gain momentum. 45% of users reported an increase in usage due to the Covid-19 pandemic. An increase in usage has many inquiring about CBD - what is it, and can you get addicted? CBD (cannabidiol) oil is a cannabinoid that is derived from the cannabis plant. The compound can be derived from either the hemp or marijuana plant.

Much confusion exists in the belief that hemp and marijuana are the same plant. Hemp and marijuana plants are both in the cannabaceae family, however they differ in appearance and compound. Marijuana plants contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), a cannabinoid like CBD, except when used by people it produces psychoactive effects. When used as directed, CBD has not been reported to induce a “high” experience.

CBD oil can be found in many locations: health food stores, dispensaries, and gas stations. It is sold in many forms such as gummies, liquids that can be added to food, chocolates, and vape juice. CBD has been reported by manufacturers to help treat cravings and urges associated with substance abuse, provide migraine and other pain relief, as well as limiting the effects of stress, anxiety, and depression. These claims are understudied and not supported by the FDA.

There is still little research into the benefits of using CBD oil. The FDA has very strict guidelines in place for the production of CBD oil. Notably CBD derived from marijuana or hemp plants must contain less than .03% of THC. Since over the counter products are not regulated by the FDA this is a cause for concern because the amount of THC present is not verified. If there is a higher amount of THC it could cause a person to fail a drug test.

The only FDA approved CBD treatment is a drug known as Epidiolex. It is a prescribed medication that is used for treatment of seizures for individuals who suffer from Tuberous Sclerosis; a form of epilepsy. According to the World Health Organization there have been no reports of dependency and CBD is considered generally safe although the FDA indicates there may be side effects as listed below.

The FDA indicates there are potential, serious side effects associated with the use of CBD oil including:

● Drug interaction

● Liver damage

● Reproductive issues

● Gastrointestinal problems

● Drowsiness

● Irritability

There is limited research to indicate that using CBD oil is safe and effective in treating ailments that have been indicated by over the counter products. Those who are thinking about using CBD oil should consult their physician.

It is wise before using any supplement or over the counter medication to see if it is right for you. Self treatment can have serious health risks.

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