How to Start Your Online Business with Gojek Clone App: On-Demand Business Ideas

How to Start Your Online Business with Gojek Clone App: On-Demand Business Ideas

Launch KingX2022, Gojek Clone App 2022 under your company's brand name to quickly upscale your business. The blog introduces the New Super App's Novel Features.

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The "Gojek Clone App" remains to be the most discussed topic in the On-Demand market. It is obivious that launching a Gojek-like app has tremendous benefits. On the other side, as time passes and user behaviour shifts, your On-Demand Multi-Services App must adapt. So, this blog post is all about how you'll deal with the app development industry's rapid change?

It is well understood that speed and convenience must be met. Customers choose apps that provide them with quick, seamless services from the convenience of their own homes.

Launch App Like Gojek Under Your Brand Name

When an app or a company concept becomes immensely popular, everyone wants a piece of the action. Indonesia's Gojek Application serves as a live example for us.

A white-labeled on-demand mobile app development firm comes into play in this situation. These businesses produce and sell apps rather than offering services. This means that an investor can purchase ready-made software, have it white-labeled with their company's logo, brand name, and other custom features, and then distribute it as their own app in the app store using their server credentials.

How Gojek Clone App Helps In Widening Horizons?

The Gojek Clone app offers more than 82+ different services, including online shopping and delivery, taxi booking, delivery genie, other service providers for hire, and even On-Demand Parcel Delivery.

Because there are so many distinct services available through this single platform, it is evident that the potential for profit with this app is far greater than with anything else.

Essentially, regardless of the sort of service or the scope of services available through the Gojek clone app, the app owner will earn a commission each time a customer employs someone through the app or spends money on it.

Novel Components & Features That Establishes Your Business Quickly

Service Bid

Service Bid is the "New Component” added to the KingX2022. It allows your users to submit service requests and receive results within minutes. The user can choose the service provider based on their work history, suitable budget, accomplishing the task, etc.

The function connects you with the right service providers while also offering them complete freedom in accepting employment and making a living.

Online video consultation

Those who are too busy to go to the service providers' offices might use this alternative. Both users and service providers benefit from this feature. By asking questions via video streaming, the customer can get quick answers via Online Video Consultation.

The online video consultation capabilities allow users to book services from doctors, astrologers, educators, fitness gurus, dieticians, and others. They can book right away or schedule a reservation for later, and they can pay securely using the app.

Signup Login with New UI/UX

We make the registration procedure painless, fast, and simple, fast. We don't want your customers wasting time completing long registration forms. We kept things brief and sweet instead. This time, our software includes a short signup procedure that employs Apple's Face ID, Android's Fingerprint, and a Mobile Number to produce an OTP and log in.

Taxi booking using iWatch App feature

Apple wearables can now be used to plan taxi rides. This revolutionary function is available in the cab booking section of our Gojek Clone App. Ensure that your customers' iPhones and smart watches are current. This function works similarly to how you hire a taxi using an Uber-like app. Your users may select a taxi ride model, enter their address information, pay online, and track the taxi using the iWatch.

Country-wise different payment gateway support

When a site owner has operations in numerous countries and needs to enable local payment processing for banks in those countries, this capability comes in handy. For additional information on how to take advantage of this benefit for your firm, we recommend contacting the representative.

Video call options

You can also talk on the phone or text chat. Users and drivers/service providers/delivery executives/service providers can converse via video call.

This is merely the "icing on the cake," as KingX 2022 offers even more advanced features. As a result, now is the ideal time to seize the occasion and get Gojek Clone 2022 up and running as soon as possible. It has everything you'll need to succeed with your On-Demand Multi-Services App. More than 82+ On-demand Multi-services along with New Features and Functionalities, improved navigation, and a more engaging, fresher appearance.

Getting started on your app's dream project is straightforward. Request an app development demonstration right now.

Buy A Ready-To-Launch Gojek Clone App 2022

Developing an app of this complexity will cost you a fortune and will take at least a year to complete and launch.

With KingkX2022, you can easily launch your On-Demand Multi-services Business in 7 days. And you'd be the talk of the town for becoming a millionaire in the shortest amount of time.