Gojek Clone Nigeria: Developing One App for Many Services and Businesses

Gojek Clone Nigeria: Developing One App for Many Services and Businesses

Gojek Clone App is a One-Stop-Shop for every User in Nigeria who wants to commute to their office, book a Makeup appointment, or even get their car washed.

Did you just clear your phone’s storage? Do you do this every other day? I know it's the hundred different Apps that you’ve downloaded that’s been eating up your phone’s storage. You may have one App for Taxi Booking, another to order food & groceries, and maybe another one to hire a massage therapist! Well, what if you had only one App that offered all of these services and even more? Life will get a lot more comfortable, right? Get Gojek Clone, an On-Demand App with multiple services in Nigeria!


We live in an On-Demand gig Economy. People want to get everything at their convenience and quickly! Let’s say you are craving a Nutella Strawberry Waffle. Who’d you turn to in the middle of the night to get you one from the city center store? You will definitely turn to a food delivery service that provides instant doorstep delivery.

This is an example of an On-Demand Service. Similarly, most people are habituated to getting their medicines, groceries, parcels, and even car washed at their own homes. Therefore, Gojek Clone App is the best way to get everything you need within just a few clicks and swipes!


Let users book a taxi or moto ride from x point to y within the city. Users simply have to add their pick-up location, destination, cab types, and online payment method before sending the ride request.

A nearby taxi/moto driver is invited to accept the ride request. Once the driver accepts the request, the user gets an in-app push notification, ‘XX has accepted your ride request’.


Users who have installed the Gojek like App on their smartphones can now order groceries from a nearby supermarket. The assigned delivery driver will then go to the supermarket, pick up the order, and deliver it to the User’s Doorstep in Nigeria.

Users can see who the delivery driver, their rating, is and whether or not they are vaccinated. If the delivery is contactless, the driver will leave the order at the doorstep, click and upload its picture on the App as ‘Proof’. And via a simple notification ‘Order Delivered’ the user will be notified about the delivery.

Medicine Delivery

Medicine Delivery is yet another one of the most employed On-Demand Services on the App. After the Pandemic, most people started ordering their medicines via Gojek Clone.

Users have to add the required medicine to the cart, upload the prescription’s photo, and at the end, confirm the order by selecting a suitable payment method. To check if the Pharmacy Store is following the WHO Issues Covid-19 Safety Measures or not, the users can go to the Store’s profile and look out for:

● Safety Badge

● View photos of their store and safe packaging process

● Read through their reviews


It takes only 7 days to build your own Gojek like App. If you have selected the right White-Labeling Firm, then the process takes only a few days. Besides a quick delivery, the Entrepreneur also enjoys affordability in Nigeria!

So, do you want to become a Millionaire without breaking the bank to develop your very own App? Then the right time is now to get in touch with the sales representatives of a globally reputed firm!