Gojek Clone New Features To Bring Boost In Your Multiservices Business

Gojek Clone New Features To Bring Boost In Your Multiservices Business

Learn about Gojek Clone’s new features and how they are responsible for bringing profits to your business. Read on for more insights.

Are you struggling to increase your business profits?

Giving the benefit of the doubt because it’s a pandemic and the economy has stalled? Oh Please!! That’s the lamest excuse as you can see that entrepreneurs are growing their businesses regardless of this epidemic. How? By Launching On-Demand Multi-services App under their brand name.

Is that SIMPLE? Yes.

Is that Easy and Quick? Yes, Yes Absolutely.

Won’t it require having a huge capital? Nope. Surprising isn’t it?

If you are still not believing, read on the blog that gives you a better understanding of Developing an app like Gojek and the latest features that cut the competition for you.

So, to begin, what is On-Demand Multiservices App like Gojek?

Super App like Gojek is considered to be a linking layer between the service providers and the users. The app covers various sectors for the consumers to use to get their hands on the multiple services and products they wish to purchase.

The services can range from Groceries, Uber-like Taxi booking, Food delivery, Handyman services, Salon services, etc.

In short, the users can avail themselves of these services in just a few taps thus making Gojek like App to be the quickest and convenient shopping option today.

Few Reasons For Its Growing Popularity

• It accommodates 70+ services which is a huge thing. You won’t find an On-Demand Multiservices App that offers such a wide range of services to its users. Right from Uber-like Ride-hailing services to Grocery ordering to Setting up a babysitter to anything it covers it all. Meaning, every user can find a solution that works best for them.

• Your users don’t have to install different applications for every other task. It's just one download, one login, and they are sorted.

• Multiple languages/currencies allow you to launch your app irrespective of the location you choose. You can customize your choice of any 10 languages and currencies including English and USD (American Dollar) so that your users find it easier to do shopping thus increasing your sales.

• Various payment methods provide extremely secure, quick, and dependable services. Thus, you witness a boost in sales as your users are enjoying shopping without fearing about the payments.

Regardless of the amenities you provide to your customers, it is a fact that the longer the users buy it from you, the better off you are.

With this in mind, you should concentrate your efforts on attracting new users.

It's reasonable that getting new users is difficult and pricey, given the baggage and risk that comes with the new users selecting whether or not to do business with you.

You must break down barriers, establish confidence, and urge users to pull out their wallets and spend money using your app services. This can be achieved by integrating Advanced-level Features.

Latest Features That Encourages Users To Use Your App More

The simplest way to boost your user engagement and traffic to your app is to offer user-friendly features.

The features should be reducing the friction and the pain points. There will be a time where your potential users will want to turn back and leave the app. While you should work to improve the entire app engagement, implementing the following “Out-of-the-box” features can help you get more business.

• Taxi Booking iWatch App

Apple smartwatches may now be used to arrange taxi rides for your customers. Our Uber Clone App has a ground-breaking feature in this regard. All your consumer needs to do is make sure their iPhones are synced with their smartwatches to book their taxis in just a few taps from their wrists.

• Re-assign delivery driver

Under the following scenarios, the App owner/Admin will reassign the pending delivery order to another delivery driver:

1. Not showing delivery drivers in the area for the pickup.

2. Although delivery drivers are available, the order request was turned down.

3. Even after verifying the order, the delivery drivers canceled.

• Restricting delivery driver’s fraud

When the Delivery Driver is visible miles away from the Pick-Up site, this feature prevents him from clicking on the "Arrived". With this feature, it prevails transparency thus helping in building the loyal customer base. Your users trust you more now knowing that you promote honesty. So, more customers mean more business.

• Restaurant menu multiple options/toppings

Allowing restaurant owners to customize their menu items by adding different toppings/options. Offering multiple options will promote increase orders eventually resulting in more profits.

• Free delivery promo-codes

The App owner will choose a Promo Code that offers "Free Delivery" from a list of alternatives for a specific store or all stores. Customers can use the code to get free shipping on their goods. The feature can be turned on or off as needed.

• Location-wise banners, promo codes, and push-notifications

The app's owner geo fences a specific area or neighborhood and then creates exclusive promo codes, push notifications, Ad Banners for the people who live there. Thus, targeting the audience will witness a boost in your revenues.

• Advanced rating for Food items and Delivery drivers

The feature allows users to rate and comment on the things they ordered as well as the delivery they received. This aids restaurants in bettering their services.

• SKU Code for store delivery

The product code assigned in the systems is known as the SKU code. Restaurants and retailers may rapidly obtain product information by typing SKU codes into the system.

• Cookie Consent

The Cookie Consent popup feature informs users about cookies that are compliant with the GDPR / EU Cookie legislation.

In Conclusion

On-Demand Apps like Gojek are more focused on offering effective and efficient services. The ease of availability to choose services within a few clicks is what makes it the convenient choice for the consumers. Looking at the current market scenario, it can be said that Gojek Clone App is going to rule the on-demand industry and in the coming time, we may even witness more of these apps getting launched worldwide.

To develop a Super App like Gojek, you will require connecting it with the Gojek Clone App Development Company that is pro at developing On-Demand Apps. Get in touch with the representative to discuss your app project and take the demo to understand the app flow. Talk to know about the customization and white-labeling and how you can get started.