How to Pick the Right Running Shoe

How to Pick the Right Running Shoe

Choosing a right running shoe can be confusing... Know how to select the right running shoe, tips & guidelines!!

I walked into a big sports retail store and I was amazed at the amount of running shoes on display. It seemed like every colour in the spectrum was on display. Being in the business, I forget how overwhelming it can be to buy running shoes. There are so many!

It can be very overwhelming when trying to find a good runner. Here’s a few tips to get you started. First, you want to go to a trained professional who’s going to look at your foot, watch you walk and tell you what type of foot type you have and then recommended right shoe for you.

A few tips I can share:

1. Never buy running shoes without having a trained professional watch your foot motion.

2. Know your foot type and match your running shoes to your foot type- if you have a neutral foot do NOT buy shoes with arch support!

3. Examine your old runners to determine the wear pattern.

4. Make sure you have at least a thumb width of space from your longest toe (not necessarily your big toe).

5. Squeeze the heel above the sole – it should be firm. Bend the shoe- it should only bend at the break point at the ball of the foot( see image below). If you can turn your shoe into a pretzel- try another one!

How to Pick the Right Running Shoe

Squeeze the heel to check the shoe

Watch out the video on how to pick a Right Running Shoe

A video running analysis can determine if the shoe is right for you and can also help prevent running injuries. Call us at 905.331.4391 if you would like your running shoes professionally fitted.

How to Pick a Right Running Shoe

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