Compression Socks: Give Support to your Veins

Compression Socks: Give Support to your Veins

Compression socks gives support to the lower leg; enabling better muscle recovery & better venous flow. It also prevents premature fatique

Anyone who participates in long-distance running or cycling is familiar with the feeling of heavy, tired legs. This is caused by the vessels expanding and losing their tension. With the new Compression Sock Performance, available from summer 2014, endurance athletes can now give their veins the ideal support. The sports stocking’s pressure profile is based on medical standards. The continuous compression decreases from ankle to calf, which improves venous reflux and the removal of lymphatic fluids. At the same time, the gentle compression stabilizes the calf and reduces typical muscle vibrations, thus preventing premature fatigue. Better support is provided for muscles over long distances, so they can continue to perform more effectively.

Quicker recovery

The positive impact on circulation and the muscles protects the vein system when it is under persistent stress, which in turn promotes a quicker recovery. Just how much endurance athletes benefit can be seen in a medical study* carried out during the 2011 Paris Marathon. The participants wore the previous model of Compression Sock Performance, which is identical to the new sports stocking in terms of compression strength and therapeutic gradient. They reported less muscle pain, a reduced feeling of swelling, and much better muscle recovery in the first four days after the race. Their calf veins had not dilated during the race despite the increased strain.

Compression Socks: Give Support to your Veins

Compression Socks

The knit of the Compression Sock Performance is made of fine, breathable microfiber. It can regulate heat and channel moisture away from the skin, creating comfortable micro-conditions. This has a twofold benefit during sporting activities. In addition, the microfiber makes the new sports stocking particularly light., yet still hard-wearing.

Stability for the ankle

The Compression Sock Training sports stocking is especially designed for stop-and-go sports, meaning sports that involve rapid turning and jumping movements such as football., basketball., or tennis. It features special functional zones with gentle compression. The stocking’s taping zone helps to create a feeling of greater stability in the ankle, while its muscle-toning zone specifically stimulates the calf muscles during movement. This is particularly important in these ball sports that put a great deal of stress on the ankle, because a sense of instability can quickly take the fun out of exercise – especially in people with a previous injury or naturally weaker ligaments.

Compression Socks: Give Support to your Veins

The Compression Sock Performance sports stocking meets the needs of endurance athletes.

The Compression Sock Training uses the same active principle as a tape bandage to create a feeling of improved stability in the ankle. The “taping zone” with a “figure of eight” design wraps around the instep and heel. The firmer, compressive knit stimulates the skin’s sensors and the deep sensors in the muscles, tendons, and joint. The improved proprioception supports the ligaments and improves coordination, providing greater security when changing direction quickly. The stocking therefore also offers increased protection from injuries.

Muscle stimulation

In the calf area, the “muscle-toning zone” also exerts gentle compression at certain points and counteracts tiring muscle vibrations. Its asymmetrical anatomical shape specifically stimulates the muscles during movement., facilitating gentle muscle building.

Like the Compression Sock Performance, the Compression Sock Training’s heel cushion eases the strain on the Achilles tendon and protects this sensitive area from pressure and rubbing when it is under great stress. Additional toe, forefoot and heel padding absorbs impact and ensures a firm grip in the shoe. The stocking’s high-quality breathable Lycra Sport material guarantees the required moisture transfer during sporting activity and creates pleasant conditions for the feet.

Simple size selection

The appropriate size of the Compression Socks Performance Cand Training is determined by the shoe size and the calf circumference, as the leg muscles of athletes can vary considerably. The Compression Sock Performance is available in black, white, and Rivera, a shade of turquoise. The Compression Sock Training is available in the color combinations Coal/Rivera, Silver/Rivera, Coal/Polar, and Silver/Polar.

Compression Socks: Give Support to your Veins

Compression Socks

Compression Sock Performance

  • Compression over a large area, consistent therapeutic gradient that complies with medical standards
  • Improves circulation and protects the veins from overloading
  • Reduces muscle vibration (due to the compression) and prevents premature muscle fatigue
  • Ideal for use with the ErgoPad run & walk sports foot orthosis
  • Recommended for endurance sports

Benefits of compression every day

Compression Sock Training

  • Compression at certain points in the taping zone around the ankle and muscle-toning zone on the calf
  • Improves coordination thanks to its stabilizing effect on the ankle and calf muscles
  • Reduces muscle vibration (due to the compression) and prevents premature muscle fatigue
  • Ideal for use with the ErgoPad ball & racket sports foot orthosis
  • Recommended for stop-and-go sports with quick changes of direction

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*Allaert F .A. et al., Effects of elastic compression in French compression class II (18-21 mmHg) on the adaptation of muscular stress and recovery of marathon runners, Phlébologie 2011, Vol. 64, Number 4.

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