Are Your Shoe Choices for Your Kids Causing Bunions?

Are Your Shoe Choices for Your Kids Causing Bunions?

Kids are active, and active can mean stress. In this case, we are talking about the stress of the big toe joint taking its toll

My Child Has Bunions...

Most people don’t think of Bunions when they think of children’s feet! However, we see a fair amount of bunions in children (kids, you can thank your parents for some of that!).

What can happen?

Bunions affect the alignment of the big toe as well as lead to bone growth on the inside of the foot near the big toe joint. In our experience children with bunions usually have flat feet, very flexible joint articulations in the feet, and are involved in sports that either require tight fitting footwear or cause repetitive stress to the first toe joint (cleats, skates, dance).

This happens for a reason

When we work out, we stress our muscles and they respond to the stress by growing bigger. Same thing happens in bone. When you stress the big toe joint by rolling onto it when your arches collapse or by wearing a tight cleat or skate that rubs along the side of the toe, you are creating stress to that bone and if you have hereditary factors you are going to stimulate the growth of the bone in the big toe area.

Check out our Bunion Video

Probably one of the worst cases we have seen of adolescent bunions were in a 14 year old girl who skated 5x per week and whenever she took off her skates there was a marked redness in the bunion area. When she was not in skates, she was in a Puma style flat shoe.

Most of the kids we see nowadays are unfortunately not wearing well structured shoes and this often leads to a big discussion about style when we try and educate them about the virtues of a good shoe.

Parents, you are not held harmless on this one!

Fashion over Function

There have been many a conversation in our assessment rooms on footwear when the parent says to me “she’s never going wear a running shoe, she only wears flats.” If you have a family history of bunions and your child’s foot is flexible, they are at risk of bunions. Bunions are not exactly great fashion.

Help them, work with them to find a compromise. We are not suggesting that your child wear an ugly orthopedic shoe!

The difference a good Asics, Brooks or New Balance running shoe can make to your child’s feet is quite significant, and with the cool colours and styles nowadays surely we can find a compromise.

Come and get assessed by one of our certified pedorthists.

Our goal for bunion treatment is accommodation to limit any future growth. This begins with footwear education as well as supporting the arches of the foot to take the pressure off the big toe.

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