IN - Toe Walking

IN - Toe Walking

IN - Toe Walking is walking with toes pointed inward and sometimes knees collapsed inward, known as pigeon-toed.

Keep An Eye Out

Childhood developmental milestones are a huge concern for parents. Everyone wants to make sure their little one is hitting the landmarks they should be. Crawling, walking, and running; these are all things we assess to ensure our child is where they should be. So it comes as no surprise that when something appears amiss we are quick to look for confirmation of normalcy.

When do you take action?

As Certified Pedorthists we assess gait patterns in people of all ages and young children are no exception. One of the most common reasons for a pedorthic assessment is worry regarding in-toeing. It is important to remember that in-toeing is very common in young children due to the structural position of their hips and legs at a young age. In the majority of children these structural positions resolve by eight years old, and if they do not then action can be taken.

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Observe the affects of IN Toe

Preventive Measures

It is possible to aid in correcting childhood in-toe. A specialized orthotic called a “gait plate” is used to gently guide the child toward a more straight foot position.

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Improve IN toe walking with a gait plate.

In addition it is important to use well-structured footwear, and reinforce sitting with legs crossed in front of them. The commonly seen “W” position, when sitting can encourage the continued internal rotation that perpetuates in-toeing. There can be many causes for pediatric in-toeing. If you are concerned about your child’s development and walking pattern, come see one of our Certified Pedorthists for a consultation. If your child in toes and you would like to book them for an assessment please call us at 905.331.4391

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In toe walking symptoms

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If your child in toes and you would like to book them for an assessment please call us at 905.331.4391