Our Relationship with Food Reflects our Relationship to Ourselves

Our Relationship with Food Reflects our Relationship to Ourselves

Intuitive eating and its physical and psychological impacts.

Intuitive Eating

Intuitive eating has recently made waves as a possible path towards both physical and psychological wellbeing. Many people lean on food as a way to deal with their emotions - often resulting in overeating, making poor choices in the quality of the food they consume, and weight gain.

Someone who practices intuitive eating makes food choices based on their body’s needs - respecting fullness while still enjoying the pleasure of eating.

The Ten Principles of Intuitive Eating focus on listening to your body’s physiological needs, and learning to recognize emotional eating.

Like our relationship with food, what our body needs can change based on our situation and mental state -

An example of this is:  the same coffee might pleasantly wake you up and keep you productive one day, and cause serious jitters or anxiety the next.

Intuitive eating has just as much to do with what you’re putting into your body as it does how you feel and your emotional state when you are eating. Food really is magic - don’t focus on what’s ‘good’ and ‘bad’ about it - just be present in the enjoyment of it.

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Listen to your Body

Listen to your Body

Listen to your body and be grateful for its feedback - really pay attention to what your body is saying about the food you give it. This can help you identify food allergies, intolerances, and even just foods that make you bloat!

Mahatma Gandhi, when asked about his relationship with food, summed it up perfectly:

“I eat when I am hungry.”

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Spiritual and Intuitive Counselling along with other healing modalities are offered at the store to help guide you to living more joyful and healthy.

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