Forgiveness and Healing Relationships

Forgiveness and Healing Relationships

How do special relationships provide an opportunity for forgiveness and healing relationships?


Every relationship in your life is an opportunity for forgiveness – and it’s important to remember that your emotions are a choice.

Special relationships, like those with our spouse or family, provide us with an opportunity to see a reflection of ourselves.

What is forgiveness?

Forgiveness reminds you that your happiness is an inside job, and that you must take responsibility for your actions and reactions.

Forgiveness is the ability to let go of a false sense of power (anger, resentment) in exchange for real power (the ability to control and dictate your own emotions).

Forgiveness has little, if anything, to do with the person who hurt or betrayed us. To forgive, we must go inside and consciously make any necessary changes to our perception of a person, situation, or relationship - and embrace new ways of thinking that allow us to freely express the essence of who we are.

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To Forgive we must Go Inside

To get to true forgiveness, you must understand that everything around you has been created by your own perception. When you see the person, situation, or relationship through love, you will be able to truly forgive.

If you’re interested in starting the journey to forgiveness, we recommend this video from Gary Renard and David Hoffmeister about the steps and practice of forgiveness.

Gary Renard and David Hoffmeister

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