Five Daily Supplements to Promote Healthy Living

Five Daily Supplements to Promote Healthy Living

RMT Sarah Mulaner gives us her five go-to daily supplements for optimal health and wellness!

Here at Burlington Health Foods and Wellness, we have the pleasure of working with the best and brightest in the health and wellness industry! Today we've partnered with Sarah Mulaner, RMT to bring you a list of five supplements you could be taking daily!

5 Daily Supplements to Promote Healthy Living!

#1 - Omega 3 Fish oil

Omega 3 Fish Oil is amazing for improving and maintaining brain health and promoting fat loss. It also keeps you sharp and helps keep the cardiovascular system healthier.

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#2 - Vitamin D3

Vitamin D3 helps to combat depression, anxiety, Seasonal Affective Disorder and a host of other ailments. Work with your doctor to determine your Vitamin D3 levels, and to figure out if you are deficient. Take between 1000IU to 8000IU (if deficient).

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#3 - Adaptogenic Herbs

Adaptogenic herbs, like Ashwaganda and Rhodiola help with stress management and fatigue!

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#4 - Magnesium

Take between 100-250mg or more/day to help with proper muscle function, sleep and to reduce cramping.

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#5 - Probiotics

Probiotics are an excellent way to optimize gut health, especially if your diet is poor (or has been poor) or you've recently been on antibiotics.

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