Your Spiritual Healing Journey: Metaphysics and Religion

Your Spiritual Healing Journey: Metaphysics and Religion

On your spiritual healing journey, you will learn the major role metaphysics plays. Here we explore the differences between metaphysics and religion.

Metaphysics is the science of things that transcend what exists in the physical and natural world. It deals with what we believe to exist, but cannot be sensed in any of the traditional ways – we can’t see, hear, smell, taste, or touch a metaphysical concept. A great example of this is love:

“Love is the strongest emotion, and is to exist by most people. But what is love? It’s something you can’t see, feel, touch, hear, or smell. But that doesn’t mean it’s not real.” – Lora, Burlington Health Foods and Wellness
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We don't know exactly what love is. But we sure know it exists.

Metaphysics is a deeply spiritual way of thought and pertains especially to spiritual healing. Healing starts in the mind, and this unseen component of healing deals strongly with metaphysics.

When you become aware of the spiritual world you can learn how to harness this awareness as a tool to understand yourself and others, and, of course, to heal.

Metaphysics and Religion

Since metaphysics is, in general, an awareness of the spiritual world, many people naturally connect it to religion. But this doesn’t have to be the case.

Religion is guided by dualistic principles: good and bad. Additionally, religion is guided by dogma and man-made ‘ego' rules,

whereas spirituality and spiritual healing, a core component of metaphysics, is all about transcending the ego.

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Learning how to tap into your spiritual connections will open up a world of possibilities of healing, health, and happiness – regardless of your religious beliefs (or lack thereof).

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