6 Ways to Help Avoid Injuries in our Home ...

6 Ways to Help Avoid Injuries in our Home ...

Preparing for babies arrival, or even for babies to start crawling or taking their first steps, is so exciting!

Theresa and Tyler Moore are owners of Bump + Baby Matters. Their mission is to make life-saving skills accessible to everyone

We all know the basics...put covers on electrical outlets, corner guards on sharp corners, keep medicine and cleaning supplies behind locked doors etc., etc. But today, I would like to talk about some things that families may NOT think about to prevent injuries before they happen.

Let me first say, that a great place to start is for you to take a first aid/CPR class because our top priority is making sure that you are prepared. The reality is that you simply cannot prevent every accident from happening. If you haven’t had an opportunity to take a class yet, don’t fret, we’ve got you covered, so keep reading.

Now, let’s dive in and review some of my top recommendations for families to take a look at when thinking about ways to keep their little movers and shakers safe at home.

1) Go grab your to-go mug. No, we are not going on a road trip! I want you to consider keeping your hot beverages in a sealed drinking container, especially when drinking around newborns. Sleep deprivation is the real deal, and newborn skin is delicate; accidents happen, and we don't want that liquid spilling onto that precious little one. Accidents can happen in the blink of an eye, and a quick jerk of the arm can lead to an accidental spillover of that java and a splash onto that delicate skin which can cause serious burns. So, consider keeping your hot beverages in sealed containers, which keep them warmer a little longer, and you will breathe a little easier knowing it is a safer option. Safety first.

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2) Let’s take a trip down to the basement. If possible, we would like you to turn your hot water tank temperatures down; if you live in a single-family dwelling, you can do this depending on the type of hot water tank you have. Most tanks are turned up quite high and can lead to serious scalds in young children. You have to read your owners manual as a minimum tank temperature must be kept ensuring no bacterial growth inside of the tank happens, but it is worth looking into, and most people have no idea that this is even an option. They just live with really hot water coming out of their taps (60 °C (140 °F) and this can cause a third-degree burn on your child’s skin in just one second! Tap water causes nearly one-third of scald burns requiring hospitalization, and most family’s have no idea it poses such a risk! We think it is worth a call to a local plumber if you’re unsure of how to navigate around your hot water tank. Safety first.

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3) Let’s all grab an empty toilet paper roll. No, we are not doing a recycle round up; we are going to do a toy test. We want to test your toys for safety, specifically for choking hazards. Take that toilet paper roll and cut it in half lengthwise (approx. 2.5 inches). Anything that can completely disappear into that toilet paper roll should be kept from a little one while unsupervised. The reason is that it is a choking hazard.

Under the age of 2, EVERYTHING goes into their mouth; it is called mouthing; and how they learn and explore the world around them, and it is totally normal. You need to be mindful that anything that can fit into that toilet paper roll can fit into their mouth and can become lodged into their throat, which can pose a choking hazard. Again, it doesn’t mean they cannot play with toys that fit into that toilet paper roll; it just means they shouldn’t play with those toys while UNSUPERVISED. Safety first.

4) Round up those teddy bears and baby dolls. Nope, it’s not teatime. It’s time for these guys to see the resident doctor (that’s you by the way). You want to do an inspection on any of your little one’s toys that might have glass/button eyes or noses. Little one’s love to suck and bite on them, especially when teething, as it provides them with relief. This can wear down the thread/glue that keeps them attached over time, and they can pop off and become a choking hazard!

Fun fact, industry regulation requires that hard eyes and noses on dolls/teddy bears must withstand a “pull test” of 5 minutes to be sold in Canada. Yep, our standards are that high! So, if your little one’s lovie has a loose eye or nose, either have it mended or do not let them play with it. Safety first.

Source: Preventing choking and suffocation in children

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5) Baby gates at the tops of stairs should ALWAYS be hard mounted, meaning they should be screwed into the wall; never use a tension mounted gate or a fabric gate as a baby/child can push them over, leading to a serious fall injury. We should also ALWAYS be following the manufacturers’ instructions to the letter for installation, no shortcuts ever, it is very important that you install correctly. Worth mentioning here, we have seen fabric gates sold by local crafter/makers, which would make a wonderful divider, but we would not recommend using them on the stairs, even at the bottom. Safety first.

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6) Secure ALL furniture that can be pulled down onto your little curious crawler/walker/climbers! Most of us know that dressers are a hazard but did you know that televisions are a leading cause of items falling onto children? Makes sense though, it’s a huge rectangular glowing loud object that little ones want to investigate up close and personal with, so they try to climb up onto it. If you have the means to, mount your TV onto the wall up and out of reach from your little spider person. Littles ones are busy exploring their world, and that means that anything they can pull themselves up onto and climb onto is a hazard; this includes dressers, televisions, bookcases, filing cabinets...anything that becomes top-heavy with their little body at the bottom of it.

Preventing Tip-over tragedies- Securing Furniture Safely


We will continue these safety articles because, as a parent to 4 children myself, trust me when I say there are many things that I never thought of when I started on this parenting journey, and I am happy to share them with you.

I hope you found value in these tips and tricks. Please share with anyone in your life that can find value too.

Please take the time to refresh your skills, and if you haven’t had a chance to learn the lifesaving skills of first aid/CPR here is your chance!

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