Thank you Burlington Sponsors!

Thank you Burlington Sponsors!

Hello, Burlington Family's - This year, support those local businesses that support so many kids!

Our Thank you to the LOCAL businesses!

This year we wanted to do something a little different.  We wanted to really make an effort and show our appreciation to the community of businesses that support local sports.

We decided to create an online eMag and shout out really loud. For 8 Months, we are going to give back to those that have helped us so much. Learn MORE HERE

Proud Supporters of LOCAL Sports - Burlington

Proud supporters of LOCAL sports is an eMagazine built by the 2003 Select Bulldogs hockey team.  Each year, our kids are fortunate enough to play sports and even more fortunate to get to travel to do something they love.

Each year LOCAL business contributes hundreds of thousands to help these kids get opportunity the might not otherwise get.

This is our form of thank you.  Our team encourages all local citizens to share these companies, whether the offer a promotion or just tell us a little about what they do, these are the people that make the community tick!

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