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Darbecca is one of the big companies in the field of building inspection that operate in Queensland, Victoria, and New Zealand. Company is one most searched companies in the field of building inspection and was formed in 2003. Darbecca is committed to the objective that homeowners get what they are promised by their builder.

Building Inspection Council



Darbecca is mainly focused on the new home building inspection. This service is also called stage inspection, new construction inspection, or Building stage inspection. Following are stages of construction for which Darbecca provides an inspection.

Pre-pour Inspection or steel inspection

Slab and frame Inspection

Pre Plaster Inspection

Pre Paint inspection or Fixing Inspection

Waterproofing Inspection

Final Inspection

Post handover and Post Maintenance Inspection


Darbecca charges some of the highest prices in Australia as compared to the market. The company has built on its reputation of providing the best service in the industry to justify the high prices. The average price for sage inspection in Australia is 5$500 whereas the average price charged by Darbecca is $800. This almost 1.6 times the average price.

Building Inspection Council

Service Area

Currently, Darbecca provides service in parts of 2 states of Australia – Victoria, and Queensland. The company also do building inspection some parts of New Zealand and is expanding into new areas.

Feedback and Rating

Darbecca has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 from 72 customers on customer review and feedback platforms. Which means that the most of the customer are happy with Darbecca services. There positive feed about professionalism, promptness, and help. The customers have mentioned how Darbecca helped to get the problem fixed by the builder. There are praiseworthy words regarding the thoroughness of inspection and report. Many customers have put good words about the helping, polite, and patient nature of the building inspectors council. Darbecca - Inspection

On the other hand, there are some really nasty reviews for Darbecca. The biggest complaint about Darbecca is about being too expensive without any reason. Some of the customers have complained about the failed building inspection where the inspector has missed major building defects in the house. Other customers have also mentioned the rude behavior and terrible customer service from the Darbecca staff.

Overall 84% of customers are happy with services from Darbecca which is almost 5 in every 6 customers. There may some bad days or bad employee who is not sticking to the standard of company and customer receives an unpleasant experience.

As purchasing a house is your biggest investment, so you cannot gamble on it. Building Inspection Council is a not-for-profit council for community service. Building inspection Council provides free quotes from the pre-verified expert building inspector inspectors in your area.