How To Take Care Of Your Bamboo Dinnerware?

How To Take Care Of Your Bamboo Dinnerware?

There are numerous eco-friendly options available for the greener earth in dinnerware to replace non-degradable plastic.

Paper cups paper straws, and a few food-grade decomposable that take thousands of years to degrade. These options consume a lot of energy for manufacturing and are as good as non-degradable.

Bamboo fiber dinnerware, therefore, is a better and very eco-friendly option for adults and babies. But to make this bamboo dinnerware set last longer you must know how to take care of your bamboo dinnerware. If proper care is not taken there are bright chances that the dinnerware may lose its durability faster than you think.

Tips On Cleaning The Bamboo Dinnerware

Don't Soak

Soaking the bamboo dinnerware like other metal dinnerware is a bad idea. Never keep them soaked in water as bamboo is a porous material that absorbs a lot of water in it. This absorbed water weakens the bamboo fiber.

Use Mild Surfactant

The use of mild surfactant here means that the stronger ones will render the bamboo dishes set dry and too much dry and making them weaker due to breaking bamboo fiber bonds. You can instead use DIY things like baking soda, lemon, and vinegar for cleaning the bamboo plate and bowl. These are perfect for removing food odor and germs from the bamboo material.

You can use the lemons and apply them on the dinnerware for 5 mins and then wash it to omit the food smell completely.

Care Tips For The Bamboo Dinnerware

Oil Greasing

Using edible oil once in a while to grease the bamboo articles is suggested to increase the durability of the bamboo dishware. The bamboo dishware is comprised of bamboo bowls, bamboo plates, bamboo cups, and spoons that usually do not skip any of the dinnerware parts while greasing. The oils that can be used for the greasing are olive oil, coconut oil, groundnut oil, etc.

Do Not Microwave

Bamboo dinnerware is the best organic sustainable choice has one disadvantage to it, that is these dinnerwares are not microwave friendly. So while taking care of the bamboo kids' plates and bowls make sure you never microwave them.

Store In A Dry Place

Let the dinnerware get completely dried after washing. Never be in hurry to just keep them in store when they are wet. Also store them in a dry place where the air is circulating enough to keep the bamboo dinnerware long-lasting.

Final Thought

Bamboo dinnerware is one of the most sustainable options for use. Also, it never contains anything harmful that might cause harm to your baby. These bamboo fiber dishwares are the best options to choose for your baby’s weaning journey and the above guide is give you quick info about bamboo dinnerware care. Buy the best and preserve them till your baby becomes a toddler.

Disclaimer- The information provided in this content is just for educational purposes and is written by a professional writer. Consult us to know more about tips on bamboo dinnerware and its care.