Tips to Get More Leads with Mobile Marketing

Tips to Get More Leads with Mobile Marketing

Mobile technology is playing a pivotal role in how businesses generate leads, and the trend does not seem to be fading away soon.

Mobile technology is playing a pivotal role in how businesses generate leads, and the trend does not seem to be fading away soon. Today, lead generation initiatives of global businesses go far beyond print and desktop advertising. It is crucial for them to have mobile lead campaigns in place. Mobile lead generation is the process of attracting and engaging target customers via mobile advertising to the point where they want to give their contact information via mobile devices.

For years now, there has been an ever-growing amount of advertising dollars directed at mobile users. According to Statista, mobile advertising spend is expected to cross desktop ad spending this year. Therefore, it is becoming more important than ever for businesses to cater for the growing mobile user base for attracting more leads, generating more conversions and high margin revenue.

However, all that is easier said than done. Marketers need to constantly look for the technology best suited for lead generation and have to adapt their mobile marketing strategies to get more leads. Mobile users on their small smartphone screens go through the marketing content at a faster rate than desktop users do. Marketers have to be very strategic about applying the right interaction options in front of them, or they will blow right past them without sharing their contact info.

Here are some of the best tips and suggestions that will help you be on your way towards creating a mobile marketing plan that gets more leads:

1. Mobile Loyalty & Rewards Campaigns

It is common knowledge that loyalty & reward programs work wonders to get up-to-date information about customers. Evidence has shown that mobile loyalty & rewards programs have tremendous lead generation potential. According to RetailMeNot, around 80 percent of customers are more loyal to brands that offer loyalty & reward programs and 70 percent are more likely to get involved in loyalty programs accessed through their mobile devices. These customers often share their valuable contact information via interactive mobile lead generation campaigns.

Mobile loyalty programs could take various forms including discounts, or special offers to motivate customers delivered via tools like moLotus, Shopkick, Belly,, Spendgo, and more. A well-crafted and managed loyalty campaign using mobile marketing platforms like moLotus allows marketers to collect valuable data about customers and their buying habits. They can use the lead information to further fine-tune the loyalty programs and to create offers that will increase sales. moLotus mobile campaigns engage loyal customers, reward them while enhancing the possibility of converting them into new leads.

2. Greater Reach & Scalability

Smartphone users prefer to spend 59% of their time online on their mobile device in comparison to desktop users. Hence it is imperative for businesses to get more leads using mobile marketing reaching a large chunk of these mobile phone users. Mobile marketing campaigns with superior lead capturing capabilities are available with many mobile marketing platforms. Latest research reveals that a new innovative mobile platform like moLotus provides extensive reach and global scalability.

Big brands prefer it for getting quick leads via message delivery directly into the prospective customers’ mobile inbox, irrespective of phone type or model. Lead generation capability of moLotus enhanced due its spam-free nature with no app or data required in the process.

3. Personalize Campaigns

Personalization is being observed as a key method of not only getting more leads but also improving lead quality for marketers, with 60% of those surveyed saying this is a key strategy (Source : Smart Insights). Mobile marketing platforms are capable of delivering personalized experience well beyond the web and directly in a customer’s pocket.

Platforms like Facebook and Google use personal data and account information to run special lead generation campaigns. However, these campaigns have limited personalization options. Also, the reach of the campaigns is limited to the users of these platforms only. To ensure effectiveness of ads in lead generation and conversion, marketers should rely on platforms like moLotus that offer hyper-personalization options such as customer name, custom greetings, individualized rewards, etc.

By running hyper-personalized offer campaigns brands can engage their large customer base better and capture quality leads. In the case of moLotus, personalization is done based on customer data & intelligence. The hyper-personalized content reaches directly to the customer's mobile inbox, staying there until deleted by the customer himself.

4. Engage via Rich Media

Rich media, especially mobile videos, have gained popularity recently, and are becoming the chief source of leads for brands. Videos have contributed to 78% of all mobile traffic, and 50% of those views occur on mobile devices. (Source:

Different mobile marketing platforms offer different rich media formats and are incorporating storytelling for better engagement and lead capture. For instance, Facebook and Instagram carousel ad format is an excellent visual marketing tool for conveying brand stories and getting leads.

A mobile lead generation platform like moLotus enhances the lead generation process by incorporating a variety of rich media formats including video, greeting, brochure, slideshow and showcase in brand storytelling. Marketers can also add voice-overs, product pictures, and music for creating attractive storyboards and incorporate them as lead magnets. Further, the high impact moLotus mobile video campaigns up to 40 sec. long have a tremendous lead generating and nurturing potential.

5. Create Interactive Communication

Interactive communication is the key to effective lead generation. It is important for marketers to understand what engages their customers and how to interact with them to ensure more leads. As such, a mobile-first approach can greatly influence the way customers perceive and interact with brands.

Surveys suggest that mobile marketing campaigns with easy customer interaction options attract more leads. Hence, it is advisable for marketers to switch to moLotus interactive mobile marketing, enabled with advanced customer response options like USSD, SMS, Call back and Web links and more. It is already becoming the top choice of big brands. The moLotus easy interaction options build confidence, provide instant gratification, create a sense of urgency among prospective customers and finally make them share their contact details as leads.

A vast majority of social media mobile apps like Facebook, YouTube, etc. are also providing interactivity but to a lesser extent,not matching the lead requirements of businesses.

6. Automate Campaigns

As brands grow, their requirement for leads grows. Time can be one of the biggest bottlenecks to lead generation and revenue growth. Without automation and optimization growth will suffer, ultimately resulting in poor return on ad spend (ROAS). With this in mind, it is important to identify the best mobile marketing technologies and tools for automating lead generation.

Experts say that mobile marketing automation is the best way for businesses to automate lead generation via mobile. It gives them the ability to produce superior lead gen results without much time investment. The more they automate their lead generation process, the more streamlined the process will be.

Mobile marketing tools with robust automation capabilities like moLotus, Marketo, Hubspot, etc. makes the lead generation process much quicker, smoother and convenient. With the rapid evolution of mobile automation technology, the breakthrough moLotus automation capabilities are fulfilling the needs of brands in terms of lead generation via its robust automation API. The platform comes as a fresh advancement in mobile technology, empowering marketers to create automated lead generation to gain more leads.

7. Customize Campaigns

Customized mobile marketing can be the best way to reach out to a diverse customer base. It has proven to be extremely effective every time it has been used in lead generation. Salesforce Surveys reveal that top performing brands are using data-based customer segmentation via mobile in capturing more leads. Brands can target customer data based on basic demographics, online behaviors, attitudes, interests and perceptions.

Various mobile marketing tools offer customization options such as different languages, etc. at many levels. For instance, the custom audience feature of Facebook is a powerful customization capability. After setting it up, the advertiser can choose who gets to see the ads based on the criteria selected. However, the ads reach only the existing Facebook users. moLotus has come-up with superior customization options. Brands can run lead generation campaigns targeting languages, demography, etc. using moLotus. The technology is capable of leveraging customer data at micro-levels maximizing lead generation for brands.

8. Upsell & Cross-sell More

Upselling and cross-selling are important—and often powerful—lead generation tactics for businesses. Upselling campaigns induce customers to buy a comparatively higher-end product. Cross-selling campaigns induce customers to purchase related or complementary items.

Using mobile marketing tools like moLotus, AdMob, GetResponse, Facebook, Boostfy, etc. enhance the performance of upsell and cross-sell campaigns garnering more leads. Mobile users often find such campaigns lucrative to share their updated contact details.

Marketers should embrace a breakthrough mobile video customer interaction platform like moLotus to create unique upselling and cross-selling mobile campaigns, attracting customers from large customer databases aiming to capture quality leads from them and finally maximizing average revenue per customer. The fabulous thing about these campaigns is that brands can not only display relevant upsell offers and add-on products to customers but also monitor real time insights via interactive dashboards to gauge effectiveness.


If your brand is finding it difficult to secure leads using traditional lead generation channels, it’s the time to use mobile marketing. Don’t hesitate to adopt the above ways! Studies reveal that mobile lead generation platforms like moLotus have uplifted marketing ROI for big global brands not just by acquiring tons of leads but also nurturing them. New-age mobile technologies will make your marketing journey smooth and easy.