Top Ten Reasons for Businesses to Use Mobile Advertising

Top Ten Reasons for Businesses to Use Mobile Advertising

It's no surprise that mobile advertising is becoming the new standard for digital advertising. Know the reasons why you must use mobile advertising for business

Smartphones have become a day-to-day necessity for millions of consumers across the globe. For modern customers they are not just means of communication but also key sources of information and entertainment. According to Statista the number of mobile internet users stood at 4.32 billion in 2021, indicating that over 90 percent of the global population use mobile devices to go online.

As mobile technologies become more affordable and available than ever, mobile usage is forecasted to grow further. This upward trend in mobile adoption is the core reason behind the mobile advertising revolution. Globally, brands and advertisers have woken up to the significance of mobile advertising and are looking to actively engage with more customers via this direct route. According to Allied Market Research, mobile advertising market size is expected to reach $243,703 million in this year, with a CAGR of 15.8%. Mobile advertising refers to sending digital advertising content to customers’ mobile devices. It's the most economical form of advertising and targets a specific mobile user group.

More and more businesses are becoming aware of the opportunity to leverage mobile marketing and mobile video advertising platforms to reach a large customer base quickly anywhere at any time. Today, brands and advertisers are more insightful about their customers than ever before, making ad campaigns more effective. In addition, advertisers can personalize and customize their mobile ads for customers. Here are the top ten reasons for businesses to use mobile advertising:

1. Real-time Reach & Scalability

Customers happen to carry their mobile devices almost everywhere they go, whether at workspace or at home. This allows businesses to contact customers anytime, anywhere and everywhere. Advertising through mobile gets a message heard by customers more than any other channel. Also, businesses can reach and handle millions of customers at the same time via mobile advertising.

Campaigns triggered by traditional platforms have fallen short in offering the kind of reach and scalability required to meet the needs of mobile and tech-savvy customers. They are fast getting replaced by mobile platforms like moLotus, AdColony, Google Ads, Facebook, Millennial Media, InMobi and more. Mobile video advertising platforms like moLotus happen to be the top choice of advertisers offering massive reach and global scalability. It is the only spam-free technology that quickly delivers automated ads to a huge customer database directly into their mobile inbox. There is absolutely no requirement for any app or data charges.

2. Easy Customer Interaction

Having clear call-to-action is of paramount importance to most advertising campaigns. Immediate response with a clear call-to-action compels the customers to take action. Mobile advertising channels offer advertisers a unique opportunity to intrigue and interact with customers about not only products and services, but also their innovative uses of them via interactive mobile campaigns. For instance, they can easily create informative and interactive ad campaigns with easy interaction options like Callback, USSD, SMS, Click URL, etc. using an innovative advertising platform like moLotus. Also, the amalgamation of rich media formats including video, dynamic greetings, brochure, slideshow and showcase with interactive elements enhances customer communication.

3. High & Instantaneous Customer Response

Direct response advertising is designed by advertisers to get an instant response by motivating customers to take a desired action. Mobile ads are the best example of direct response advertisements that result in instant action from prospective customers since the goal is to capture instant leads. Mobile ads reach the correct demographic and 90% of mobile customers are able to recall an advertisement that they saw even a week after they had seen it.

Surveys reveal that mobile advertising platforms offer higher response than any other advertising platform. The engagement rates are much higher as well, with more clicking on ads. Mobile advertisers can leverage direct and instant response on any number of channels, including moLotus, Facebook, Google Ads, AppLovin, etc. It is worth mentioning that the customer response rate of moLotus mobile video customer interaction platform is as high as 8-15%. The campaigns are delivered to messaging inbox with brand name for high brand visibility. Multiple customer response options offered in ads enable customers to respond immediately ensuring instantaneous response. The moLotus ads build trust among the consumers resulting in a high response rate.

4. Instant Tracking

The mobile ad content is designed to communicate with customers. When a mobile campaign is delivered, the responses from customers can be tracked instantly, unlike other advertising channels. Advertisers can easily figure out what is working with their ads, what is not working, and fine-tuning advertising campaigns. The adjustments give long-term results to the brands making them more accurate, relevant, and adaptive.

Different mobile advertising tools and platforms have come up with different tracking features. For instance, in the case of moLotus, advertisers can instantly see how many people received the ad, how many watched a video; how many responses received; how many auto responses were sent and a lot more. It offers real time tracking features using which advertisers can manage, analyze, respond and optimize advertising campaigns. Also, moLotus online dashboard has advanced revenue management capability. The tools like Google Tag Manager and Facebook Creator Studio also offer advanced tracking capabilities.

5. Customized Advertising

Mobile advertising emphasizes customization. It is proven that customized mobile ad campaigns are the best way to reach out to the right set of customers. It is extremely effective just about every time it is used, whether a large or small group of consumers. Customized mobile ads result in more earnings for brands and advertisers. Salesforce statistics reveal that high performing businesses are using data-targeting and segmentation 51% more than underperforming businesses.

Using tools like moLotus, Google Ads, Facebook Ads, AdColony, etc. advertisers can target by using customer databases on the basis of demographics, interests, online behaviors, attitudes and perceptions. moLotus offers customized mobile campaigns - targeting languages, demography, etc. with superior ad revenue potential. The new-age technology and the best mobile marketing platform leverages massive customer data at micro-levels and delivers a brand’s message with customer name or unique customer id.

6. Cost-effective

When compared to traditional advertising channels, mobile advertising is significantly cheaper. Sending ads via mobile technologies is less expensive than many traditional marketing techniques. It is a huge benefit, especially for businesses that do not have a huge advertising budget. Advertisers have also observed that creating campaign elements is also much easier for mobile.

Reduced costs due to usage of mobile platforms have a favorable impact on gross margin for businesses across the globe. Nowadays, advertising cost minimization has become the top agenda for businesses. The role of moLotus mobile advertising technology in ad cost minimization has been phenomenal. The technology has led to the creation of effective campaigns on a shoestring budget offering better ROI and improved bottom line. moLotus ads reach customers directly and keep them engaged on their mobile devices at optimum cost without any app download or involving any data plans.

Instead of paying a fixed amount upfront, the moLotus platform ensures that advertisers pay only when a desired action like lead generation or sales is met. The average return on ad spend (ROAS) for moLotus mobile video advertising campaigns has been growing over the years. Other mobile platforms like Facebook, AdColony, InMobi etc., have also come up with cost-effective ad solutions however not matching the expectations of advertisers.

7. Viral Potential

All advertisers agree to the fact that mobile content can be easily shared. That also implies it has huge viral potential. Mobile users coming across a great piece of mobile content are more likely to share it with their friends or family. As a result, brands get a lot of exposure and secure more leads with advertising campaigns going viral.

Advertisers are utilizing the shareability feature of mobile content to create innovative ads. The ads created and delivered via moLotus, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, AdColony, etc. gain more engagement and shareability. High impact moLotus videos have caught the attention of global brands and advertisers with greater video shareability. The mobile videos directly reach the customer’s mobile inbox without spamming it. Customers are at liberty to share the videos from their mobile inbox as per their liking and convenience. They remain in the inbox until the mobile user voluntarily decides to delete them.

8. More Personal

With mobile advertising technologies progressing, brands and advertisers are better positioned to build personal connections with customers. By personalizing mobile ad campaigns they are equipped to attract more customers and increase revenues.

Generally, not all mobile advertising tools are equal at offering personalization capabilities. Hyper-personalization is only possible via moLotus ad platform. The new technology attracts new customers via campaigns with personalization options like name, greeting, reward, etc. moLotus personalized mobile video ads address the customers individually via their name and other personal information; creating a feeling of one-on-one communication and better bonding. Advertisers are capable of engaging a huge customer base through unique personalized campaigns on special occasions like birthdays, festivals, etc. moLotus is presenting customers with hyper-personalized recommendations according to their preferences.

9. Multiple Ad Formats to Choose From

When advertisers decide to invest in mobile advertising, there are several distinct ad formats they can use. Choosing the right advertising format for a business will help it to reach the right set of customers and get more response at low costs.

The mobile ad tools offer different rich media advertising formats. Channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. provide simple media formats like images, audio, videos, GIFs etc. A superior tool like moLotus utilizes a combination of rich media formats, including audio, video, images, slides, and more. From an advertiser's perspective, moLotus comes as a unique opportunity, making mobile ads more impactful. Businesses are fond of moLotus' rich media capability. They are at liberty to select individual or a combination of formats like HQ Videos up to 40 sec, Greetings, Slideshow, Brochure, etc. to demonstrate their products or services to customers in the form of stories.

10. Drive Lead Generation

Before the advent of mobile advertising, generating leads was a big challenge for most global businesses. It involved huge costs and waste of funds. Studies indicate that mobile marketing channels provide more leads, compared to traditional channels at optimum costs. Mobile-based lead generation campaigns initiated by tools like moLotus, Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook, Millennial Media, etc. are eye-catching and quickly induce customers to leave their contact details with the brand.

moLotus mobile lead generation platform is capable of capturing instant leads via message delivery directly into the inbox on all mobile handsets, irrespective of phone type or model at minimum cost per lead. moLotus ad campaigns use lead magnets designed using multimedia formats like videos offering value to potential customers and inducing them to give out their contact details like name, address, etc. The platform not only generates more leads but converts them into actual sales via special lead nurturing campaigns.


If you are an advertiser looking to level up your efforts and boost results, you would be intrigued by mobile advertising and all it offers. Unlike traditional methods, new mobile advertising and marketing tools and technologies provide advertisers the opportunity to pay only for results, plan better, earn more, save costs, track performance, and discover new ad-placement opportunities. With all of these perks, it’s no surprise that mobile advertising is becoming the new standard for digital advertising.