Top Ten Tips to Promote E-Commerce Business

Top Ten Tips to Promote E-Commerce Business

Finding it challenging to promote your ecommerce business? Here are the top ten tips for you to promote your ecommerce business.

Promoting e-commerce businesses has been walking a tightrope. With cut-throat competition associated with every market niche, it is challenging to draw the attention of prospective buyers.

Most brands don't know how to advertise e-commerce businesses. They rush into investments with no knowledge about what exactly will bring them revenue and end-up wasting money. Some businesses believe that building a good e-commerce website is sufficient enough to draw visitors and generate sales. Actually, it is a job half done. More important is proper marketing of the website to gain more customers by using an advertising platform.

Marketing technology is aiding e-commerce merchants. Several brands have come to know the importance of marketing technologies and are using tools like moLotus to do so. The outcome is a jump in sales, revenues and profits. Here are the top ten tips to promote your ecommerce business:

1. Focus on Mobile Advertising

Mobile phones reigns supreme in terms of customer usage. Therefore, mobile advertising campaigns are an absolute necessity in any ecommerce business. It is the right time for e-commerce brands to rely on mobile marketing technologies like moLotus to grab customers’ attention, leading to mobile commerce. With the continuous surge in mobile users, e-commerce merchants are already getting the benefits of the innovative platform to prompt buyers to place orders via cart.

moLotus makes direct inbox messaging possible, playable on all phones. The multimedia mobile messages remain in the inbox of the potential buyer until he or she voluntarily decides to delete them. By utilizing this unique feature e-commerce merchants can deliver rich media messages highlighting the value proposition and inducing FOMO (fear of missing out). This encourages the potential buyers to not only make the ‘add-to-cart’ decision but also make the most crucial ‘buy-from-cart’ decision easily and quickly. Interestingly, buyers can strike conversations with brands via moLotus easy interaction options for sorting out their queries before placing order.

2. Loyalty Rewards

E-commerce businesses suffer from high churn rate as customers are mostly on-the-go. To overcome this challenge they go beyond a focus on bare transactions. They should include loyalty, engagement and relationship building ad campaigns. Research has shown that a technology and tool like moLotus offers innovative loyalty campaigns unmatched to other advertising platforms. It is aiding e-commerce business growth by delivering hyper-personalized campaigns to shoppers for special events like anniversaries, reminders, birthdays, and festivals. moLotus offers personalization options for name, greeting, reward, call-to-action for individual customers. Interestingly, advertisers can send various reward coupons directly to customer’s mobile inboxes. These automated campaigns hold a strong track-record of improving customer loyalty adding to the conversions and sales.

3. Feedback System & Reviews

E-commerce customers are impatient beings requiring immediate responses. Nowadays, they prefer to go through product reviews before making a purchase decision and give feedback post-purchase. Therefore brands cannot afford to ignore customer reviews and feedback.

Online review tools like TrustPilot, Survey Monkey, etc. are a great way of building up trust among online shoppers, having a favorable impact on Google Rankings. All reviews (positive or negative) are shared publicly. Innovative advertising tools like moLotus make it easy for e-commerce brands to capture instant feedback via mobile devices. moLotus offers unique rating capability for collecting customers feedback about products or services. It not only captures the customer ratings but also converts the collected data into comprehensive reports.

4. Hyper-personalize Communication

Promotion of e-commerce businesses revolves around creation of personalized communication and experiences for customers online. Research reveals that e-commerce customers are delighted with personalized recommendations. They understand that the e-commerce brand takes care of their individual preferences.

The businesses can deliver personalized ads with special offers based on the customer’s buying pattern using tools like moLotus. The real mobile advertising platform has become the best choice for e-commerce brands which use customer data, artificial intelligence, and advanced algorithms to hyper-personalize ad campaigns. Hyper-personalized communication yields easy conversions for e-commerce brands and has proved to be a successful e-commerce advertising model.

5. PPC Advertising

Using PPC(Pay-per-click) advertising e-commerce brands can pay to get their products highly ranked on search engines like Google. Essentially, advertisers need to pay for showing the advertisements to prospective shoppers who are actively searching for products using keywords they are targeting for. The e-commerce players resorting to PPC advertising need not have a high site authority to be able to show up on Google’s first page.

Brands using PPC advertising need to bid for ad placements and pay when individual prospective shoppers actually buy the product. PPC advertising lets advertisers be more aggressive in targeting customers and upholding their products in front of them.

6. Direct Customer Interaction

E-commerce business promotion using easy customer interaction options paves the path for more sales. Surveys suggest that millennials and modern buyers easily ‘hang-out' with the e-commerce brands via platforms like moLotus. E-commerce brands get to intrigue and interact more with shoppers adding up to more sales. They can create informative and interactive campaigns via moLotus offering easy response options like SMS, USSD, Call, Web Click etc..

Moreover brands get access to a variety of rich media formats including video, dynamic greetings, brochure, slideshow and showcase. They can improve communication with prospective shoppers by using pictures, voice-over and music. Creating attractive storyboards, brochures, catalogs and HQ videos up to 40 sec. becomes easy using moLotus.

7. Seasonal Promotion

Seasonal promotions can be fantastic opportunities for e-commerce brands to boost customer engagement, reach potential customers and ultimately elevate conversion rate with higher average order value. But differentiating brands during the festive seasons becomes challenging and requires adoption of marketing technologies like moLotus. The new age platform has been successful in establishing deeper connections with online shoppers via innovative festival offers.

The platform enables e-commerce merchants to run unique mobile ad campaigns for seasons like new year and occasions like festivals, anniversaries, birthdays, etc. Advertisers are capable of creating automated campaigns offering coupons and vouchers. Interestingly, the mobile video customer interaction platform has largely eliminated printed coupons by real-time hyper-personalized event-based digital mobile coupons and vouchers. It is now easier to launch and manage seasonal giveaway contests successfully via tools like moLotus.

8. Focus on Cart Completion

Most e-commerce players experience cart abandonment. The potential customers leave items in their shopping cart without completing their purchase on e-commerce sites. Surveys reveal that the shopping cart abandonment rate across e-commerce stores is almost 70%. This acts as a roadblock to sales and revenue generation. It has been seen that mobile shoppers tend to have an even higher cart abandonment rate.

The solution lies in an effective abandoned cart recovery campaign. It has a direct and favorable impact on an e-commerce merchant’s top line and bottom line. Earlier brands used to run email cart completion campaigns but with the inflow of superior technologies like moLotus the scenario has drastically changed. moLotus abandoned cart recovery campaigns have maximum reach and effectiveness. The best part of moLotus campaigns is that they are spam-free and do not require any app or data with all-phone playability.

9. Promote App Download

Merchants often wonder how to promote e-commerce mobile apps so that their target audience downloads and uses them to access their website. There are multiple ways to promote the apps digitally. They might go for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to promote themselves. Creation of informative and promotional content in blogging sites about the apps could be another age-old way of promotion.

Keeping in view the latest research on e-commerce promotion methods, it is advisable for e-commerce merchants to embrace a real mobile advertising platform like moLotus which has assisted brands in creating unique app-download campaigns yielding high traffic and awareness followed by increase in revenues.

10. Optimize SEO

Search engine optimization helps in organic e-commerce site promotion. E-commerce brands should put themselves in the shoes of the prospective shoppers. They should analyze how their target customers talk about their products, and what they want to know. Brands should pay close attention to on-page content of their website including product titles and descriptions, images, etc. They must ensure that the content is written in the language their customers use naturally while searching for related products. The content should answer their questions. E-commerce marketers should ensure that each page of their website should have its own unique title tag and meta descriptions. Only the title tag and meta description show up before anything else when prospective buyers search for the brand.


Next-generation e-commerce promotional strategies stated above offer real opportunity for the businesses to engage their on-the-go shoppers in a challenging advertising landscape. A customer experience reformation via new-age marketing technologies would certainly boost e-commerce. E-commerce players that advance their promotional techniques will experience the biggest upside in 2022.