Features Of An E-commerce App: 6 Must-Haves!

Features Of An E-commerce App: 6 Must-Haves!
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Learn the 6 must have features of an Ecommerce App.

Developing an eCommerce marketplace is all about developing a better and user-friendly environment where users can buy anything with the most convenience. Ecommerce apps must have great features and tools in order to get the business straight and worthy for buyers and sellers to come on your platform to trade with their products.

We always suggest Etsy clone scripts to the entrepreneurs who want to get some cool and trending features for platform development. As Etsy clone script comes loaded with the readymade tools and features that stand out from the competition.

PazerPlus is the Etsy clone script that we are talking about here. PazerPlus allows you to develop your eCommerce marketplace like Etsy and Amazon today with all the basic readymade and exclusive integrated tools available in the market with the latest technology available to make it more worthy for you and your users over the platform.

Every single feature is important in the eCommerce platform as you are required to make your platform more productive. But 6 major features are a must-

  • Multi-Vendor Concept- There are many features and tools to power sellers over the platform, and the multi-vendor concept is one of them as it boosts the working of independent sellers over the platform. It means any local or branded seller from anywhere can sell their product on your eCommerce marketplace and manage their store independently over the platform with exclusive brand pages.
  • Multiple Payment Gateways- When dealing worldwide with products and services, eCommerce is required to have all the major payment options to receive sales revenue with every mode. It not only gives users convenience but also gives the platform a point of authenticity and efficiency for sellers to collect the smooth transfer of funds over the platform.
  • Unlimited Categories- This is the must-have option in the eCommerce marketplace as it enables the admins to add unlimited categories of products over the platform to bring some organized system for the purchase and sale of every product. It helps in the functioning and keeping the platform clean and organized with unlimited products from different sellers around the world.
  • Classy seller dashboard-This is the must-have feature in the eCommerce marketplace as it gives sellers the convenience to operate their store online over your platform with all the new and advanced tools for shipment, order tracking, and payments management.
  • Seo Friendly- SEO is the greatest tool for any website over the internet as it keeps your platform in the spotlight for major search engines over the internet. With the SEO friendly tools, you can get all your products and sellers visible on the search engine itself for promotions and other organic traffic generations.
  • One step checkout- In order to make it more efficient for users over the platform you can get the system where you get the feature of One-step checkout. With One step checkout, Users can get all the things they need to purchase on one page where they can checkout directly without going to any other page.

We at BSETec developed PazerPlus to make sure that users get all the needed features in one place and this is the reason we are already giving every basic and must-have feature, ready-made in the Etsy clone script itself. You can even check out the free demo of every feature in this Etsy clone and know how the model works with PazerPlus.